Bad taste

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RockaForte, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. citroen picasso ^_^
  2. I would seriously buy one if I had kids
  3. That's hilarious.

    Almost as hilarious as all Europeans views on Japanese cars.
  4. same.

    oh and christofurr i have soft spot for the mistubishi grandis haha
  5. Its those tailights !
  6. on the grandis?

    they're very nice.
  7. Yes I was referring to the grandis
  8. I know I shouldn't laugh but that is p*ss funny!
  9. i wonder how many americans get the McCann/Megane reference.
  10. somewhere around 0 / 1
  11. haha

    funny how even all the way down here it was pretty big news but doesn't seem to gather much attention just across the pond. just a cultural thing i suppose.
  13. and those big ass ford f250-350s
  14. I'll never have enough kids to warrant getting a van.
  15. what about a Dodge Magnum SRT8?
  16. "so spacious you won't notice your kids are missing"

    would be better
  17. It's cool looking, but no thanks.
  19. I drive a Mini Cooper S
  20. That's pretty obvious, I'm just not sure who McCann is. I take it it's a couple who lost several of their children though.
  21. Well, we have a tendency not to like vehicles styled after Hoover hand-vacs or doorstops.
  22. And yeah, that thing is pretty hideous.
  23. that british fam caught in that scandal cuz they lost their kid in portugal, but now people are thinking maybe they had something to do w/ it. (though i get the sacrasm)

    whatever, im tired of abduction/disappearance stories, and a high-brow pun like that is quite HA HA HA! :D LOL!

    edit- still an ugly car.

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