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  1. on a Boeing B47 Stratojet
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  3. Throw some Ds on that biatch!!!!
  4. interesting gear arraignment 1-2-1
  5. Same as the Harrier.
  6. And U-2
  7. and russian Myasischev M-50 "Bounder"
  8. Never heard of the B-47?
  9. Im certainly familiar with the B-47, I just was remarking at the landing gear layout which is pretty different from all other larger American Bombers.

    Also in that picture, its difficult to tell that the two smaller gears are actually on the wings, I thought they were just at the bottom of the fuselage.

    I did some digging and learned this is called a tandem landing gear arraignment. And it is considered unusual so im not crazy for thinking that.

    "An unusual undercarriage configuration is found on the Hawker Siddeley Harrier, which has two mainwheels in line astern under the fuselage (called a bicycle or tandem layout) and a smaller wheel near the tip of each wing. On second generation Harriers, the wing is extended past the outrigger wheels to allow greater wing-mounted munition loads to be carried.

    A multiple tandem layout was used on some military jet aircraft during the 1950s such as the Lockheed U-2, Myasishchev M-4, Yakovlev Yak-25, Yak-28 and the B-47 Stratojet because it allows room for a large internal bay between the main wheels. A variation of the multi tandem layout is also used on the B-52 Stratofortress which has four main wheel bogies (two forward and two aft) underneath the fuselage and a small outrigger wheel supporting each wing-tip. The B-52's landing gear is also unique in that all four pairs of main wheels can be steered. This allows the landing gear to line up with the runway and thus makes crosswind landings easier (using a technique called crab landing). The challenge of designing a tandem-gear layout is that the aircraft has to sit (on the ground) at the optimum flight angle for landing - when the plane is nearly in a stalled attitude just before touchdown, both fore and aft wheels must be ready to contact the runway. Otherwise there will be a vicious jolt as the higher wheel falls to the runway at the stall."
  10. nah... B52 has the oddest.
  11. I thought it was pretty awesome when the Russkies did that for their tanks and ICBM trucks for parade duty back in the day.

    But this definitely tops it.
  12. what about this?
  13. They were basically built for a one way trip to the Soviet Union, with a nuke strapped to them.
  14. they had a gun in the back too, you know.
  15. NOWAI
  16. actually NOWAI, i was thinking of the B52, it has a rear M61 Vulcan canon.
  17. Time for boring technical stuff:

    B-47, All models: 2 x 20mm autocannons, tail mount
    B-52, A through G models: 4 x .50-in machine guns, tail mount
    B-52, H model: 1 x 20mm gatling gun, tail mount
  18. I need a 20mm gun
  19. Its your right.
  20. as an american.

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