Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Torque, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. The doors suck. But the rest is, in fact, ballin'.
  2. love that color.
  3. looks straight outta need for speed.
  4. Id rather just have a regular GT.
  6. That looks seriously great
  7. Awesome color.
  8. That is awesome, I like it.
  9. Normal doors and with roof for me.
  10. Either the X1 roof or the butterfly doors makes sense. Both is just overkill. The stock doors are only good if you like originality. They require too many scarifices.
  11. Ballin, you goon.
  12. What a cracker.
  14. aside from the doors, the car can be configued into 4 modes... targa, coupe, convertible, roadster, I believe.
  15. sorry mr #$%#ing perfect.
  16. word
  17. looks badass.

    all black for me though.
  18. like the Roush in england?

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