Barra 182 = More powerful

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 XU6' started by BaRRa, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. HSV has stopped building this sh|tty car coz they are embarrassed by the fact that the BASE Falcon is more powerful, and maybe quicker (not sure about weight).

    It will be ineresting to see what HSV & Holden do to combat the new, more powerful DOHC 6 in the Falcon. Do you think that they will further develop their current 6 or wait for the new HFV6 to take it to Ford?? Their current engine definately doesn't cut it compared to the other 6's available in Australia these days.
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    What exactly is shit about this car? I don't think HSV stopped building this car because of the base Falcon...I would guess lack of sales (when do you ever see one on the road?)

    How does Holden's current 6 not cut it compared to other 6's? This maybe so with Ford, but it aint any worse than what Toyota and Mitsubishi offer.
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    Yeah I agree apart from the M3 and the Barra Fords, this engine still isn't a bad engine for a 6 cylinder engine. they dropped the car, oh yeah. but i think it's because they already have a wide enough range. The 6 cylinder has no place left in HSV. Maybe later with another engine.
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    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> It was 2am when I made this thread, so some it that post might not make sense.

    I've seen one of these and I laughed at it coz it is a "wannabe" HSV. I think this car is sh|tty because it doesn't have the advantage that the other HSVs have, power. This was a poor excuse for a HSV and they probably would have been better off if they didn't make it.
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    Yeah It would have been better if it had a bit more power over the S Pack S/C V6. I didnt see the point in this car when you could spend a few more grand and get a Clubbie
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    Yeah this car was (sort of) dropped from the line-up.

    Quote from Motor Magazine: "...which means you can still order one if you want, but you probably don't".

    Dropped from pre-made line-up (meaning it's now an 'order only' car) due to lack of intest (sales).

    And the new turbo Falcon was probably the final nail in the coffin (of course HSV would never admit it.
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    I have seen 1 on the road
    and thats it
    so someone bought one.

    It looked quite nice, and i wouldnt mind one.

    remember when this came out , the barra 180 kw was a pipe dream still.
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    this is a hsv not a base model ford
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    and the Ford High performance V8's had as much power as this at the time.

    and the AU was dingo ugly to boot (not the XR models)

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