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Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 GTR Straßenversion' started by Buhandi, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. and from the ALMS races, this engine sounds beautiful too.
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    gotta love the fire coming out of the exhaust
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    You have to hear these cars live to understand jsut how powerful they sound. The V8 GTR sounds sooo much better than the I6, which sounds like the Porsche GT3's. The V8's are also much faster, and the Flames are a cool touch.<!-- Signature -->
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    flames are just the orgasms ill be having from inside the car while driving... overall a beautiful, great..... beautiful car
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    It'd be really cool if had the wide body kit like the real M3 GTR
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    Its a beauty for sure!
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    Whew, can you say cargasm? I want one of these, in silver..ohhh, beautiful beautiful...*drools* now, anyone know where I can get the top speed and 0-60?
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    0-60 = 3.3
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    not the fastest car in the world
    but surely one of coolest looking, and higher performance GTs
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    that is ok just dont messup the seats ok?
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    i actually think this car looks better than the 911 gt3r. this has got to be the best looking beemer (not including the f1 cars)
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    I would definitely take one of these if I could afford one. Just curious, did they ever come to America?
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    I Agree Man it has all the good looks of a bmw AND all the power a bmwe has,UNBEATABLE!!!!
  14. I like it, but I don't know, that I gonna have so much money to buy a jewel like this car.
    I'm happy, if I can make 20.000 $ to buy a BMW 520 or 50.000 $ to buy a BMW X5.

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