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  1. This is very striking. It looks old and new, but great. Sort of the way the new mustang did to new and old, and it worked. Just as this is going to do if it ever makes the market. It is just so striking how it looks like the original but brings out the best and adds a little bit more. I hope this car makes it, if I had the money I woud drive it around.
  2. I think it looks vvvvery slick
  3. It's not the best looking Lamborghini ever, but it is still very pretty.
  4. The Miura platform has and always will be an admired one. If they end out putting this car out, it will probably sell pretty well simply for its retrofitted design.
  5. i can't believe people a racking on this can anyone call this fine italian art was time for a new look for lamborghini and this is it, besides the fact that it resembles the old miura
  6. I think it's freaking hot.
  7. Lamborghini should produce it for a limited time.
  8. It is a beautiful car, without a doubt, the only problem is that it doesn't fit with the current Lamborghini range (including the other really beautiful Lamborghini [IMO] the Gallardo) I am also intrigued by the speculation that this will fight against the Enzo, but i can't see this design versing the looks too small, too petite.
  9. It's ugly compared to the original. By no means is this an ugly car, but the 1967 has SO MUCH MORE style, looks far meaner, far more flowing, and is overall a MUCH MORE well-designed car. I'm happy it does not go into production, it would shame the name of Miura. If the original Miura had not been built, i would probably have been all over this design. But as it has, and has also won a place in my heart, I don't think this has anything on the original.
  10. I can't believe Lamborghini has made the new Miura. it's the prettiest car in the history.
    her design is better than all Ferrari, Porsche or Aston Martin. in 60s her V12 was a revolution and she was the fastest car in her time. Miura is the best car made in Italy and pheraps the best car in the hisory
  12. ASbsolutely gorgeous, but not ready to compete with the Enzo (which is the most hideous Ferrari ever) in the area of performance. I'd give anything to own this rare reincarnation of one of histories greatest sports coupes. I'm sure it would be highly prized and valued in the future (not that I'd ever sell it). Defeinetely better looking than any current Lamborghini.
  13. Im not so sure about that, well i've been hearing rumours of the new miura getting 650hp, Miura LP650, so the power will be there.

    Just hope that lamborghini makes this car very light, 1100-1200kg.

    And please lamborghini, Make the new one sound like the Original one !.

    Lamborghini Miura is the worlds prettiest car for sure.

    And this new one is the one that can remove the old one from that throne.

    I am not so sure that Lamborghini is targeting the Enzo with this, dont think so actually.

  14. It is a subjective matter. I think it's a beauty.
    You don't HAVE to compare them because they have the same name.
    Likewise, you don't have to compare the new mini/beetle/500 with the old mini/beetle/500. They all can have their own appeal aka. their own audience.

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