Discussion in '2006 Alfa Romeo Diva Concept' started by typhooncars, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Another beautiful car from Alfa that we will never see in the states.
  2. i wouldn't say "another," but this is simply stunning.
  3. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful Alfa Romeo ever in my mind. I just may have to move to Europe to get one if they make it...
  4. gorgeous, lost for words to describe it
  5. The competizione was just as exquisite.
  6. I think I like it! I don't even mind the triangle in the grille, which typically puts my off any of their cars.
  7. this is one of the better looking cars that ive seen im cant think of such a good word to describe it
  8. wow, this thing gives a completely new meaning to beautiful.
  9. it's not as nice as the 8c, and it isn't an Alfa Romeo per se, but it's still gorgeous
  10. this car is just fantasmic( thats right i make up words now)
  11. This is the best I've ever seen from Alfa, just, such a gay ass name.

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