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  1. These are pretty much the facts. I never see anyone trying to trade for B4 unless they're explicitly trying to complete a vertical. And if you're just missing B4 on a Beat vert, you probably have the firepower to land it.
  2. That's unfortunate. Where I am, pretty much all my friends are into that kind of thing. Most not to the degree I am, but they're all drinking good beer, often brewing it themselves, and it's pretty much standard to bring good beer to parties.

    Where you are it might be obscura or only douchebags, but over here it's pretty much everyone that drinks the good stuff. We also drink our fair share of the BMC, but no one takes a second look at someone drinking a barrel-aged stout and every neighborhood in my city has its own brewpub or two.

    But to the point, I never drink alone and I got into craft beer because it was an interest I shared with friends.
  3. How is the 2012? Should I drink the one I have now? Should I age it? Or is it good enough that I should I buy another and do both?
  4. What is the BMC?
  5. Bud-Miller-Coors. Most "macros" are brewed by one of these three. Peroni, for instance, is Miller.
  6. It's not brewed by Miller, just owned by Miller. It was bought in 2005. It's been in production a long time before that. Still made in the same brewery in Rome.

    Unibroue is owned by Sapporo... does that make them any less the finest beer in the world? Or are you just being beer snobby? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  7. Pretty much every named brand owned by the big three is brewed in its own brewery, many of which are still in their traditional locations. The degree to which they have either been modified to be more sell-able by their parent company or were beforehand varies wildly. Goose Island has, thus far, basically been untouched. The regional brews on the other hand are very homogenized.

    Also, I've never been that into Unibroue, I guess not to my personal taste. But, GI, that shit is magic.
  8. What is GI?

    Could you stop speaking in acronyms please?
  9. Goose Island, my bad.
  10. Agree with you on Unibroue. Really do nothing for me. They're not bad beers, obviously, just nothing I ever go for. Haven't had all of them, but have had enough.
  11. They make a couple shit beers for the depanneur market, I really hope you guys aren't judging them on U Blonde, Rousse, or Miel.
  12. I actually haven't ever seen or heard of those. Trying to remember, but I believe I've had La Fin du Monde, Trois Pistoles, 2011 Trader Joe's Vintage Ale and Maudite, I believe. Might have just had a taste of Maudite. Honestly I thought I'd had more. Guess I need to try some of their others.
  13. may i reommend a can of Emu Export?
  14. Same here, though plus Terrible. I also make an exception for Trader Joe's Vintage, because while I'm not SUPER into the beers from Unibroue, they are still decent and TJ's Vintage is DIRTY cheap. Way less than whatever it was rebraded from around here. I usually grab a bottle or two and enjoy them well enough.
  15. As much as it pains me to say it... Goose Island has NOT been untouched. Far from it actually. I'd go so far as to say they've been raped.
    Most of their shelf brews are now brewed in the east coast at macro facilities. My favorite "party" beer, the kind I'd buy for events for non craft drinkers and such, has always been GI 312. It was the best American take on a wit to my palate. Now its dead to me, a shell of its former self. I've not tried any other east coast brewed beers yet, wonder if the IPA has scraped by without being ruined. Honker's ale I hear is still good.

    There IS a silver lining however. Now that production of the shelf beers have moved off site, they have more room to play around with their barrel aging. I think they plan to turn BCBS into sort of an all year subbrand with all sorts of variants in rotation. I already know they've got a BCBS Barley Wine and I saw the label for it, its the same design as King Henry... doubt it will be aged in Pappy Van Winkle barrels but still, I cannot tell you how excited I am.
  16. Ive been meaning to try the Trader Joes.

    You guys need to try Don De Dieu. I think it was my favorite beer of all of them. Very easy drinking, but still huge beer. Haven't had it in a while but IIRC it was like a Leffe on steroids.
    Ephemere series all looks good. Ive only had the apple though.
    Blanch de Chambly was good, though I expected a bit better from all the hype.

    I actually loved La Terrible. Also bought a Grande Reserve 17. French Oak aged and already spent two years in the bottle? Only debate now is try it now or later.
  17. I think I can actually still get the 17, but I just can't see me loving it considering the price.
  18. Tonight, I'm drinking:

    Chainbreaker White IPA from Deschutes Brewery.

    It has become a "go to" beer for me.
  19. Im with you there. Love that beer. Its basically an easier to find Gumballhead.

    Im drinking a big foot.
  20. I think these last few years Deschutes has been hitting home run after home run.
  21. Have you had Hop Henge?
  22. lol, sorry... i'm sure it's a fine beer... but that is a seriously douchebag name for a beer
  23. The tripel
  24. Haha. Stille great beers
  25. Oh yeah. That shit is MONEY.

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