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  1. Drizzank an '11 Cascade the Vine and a Batch 2 Upland Raspberry tonight. Both were #$%#ING DANK.
  2. At the cottage saw a few new ones
  3. Tonight I've had

    Petrus Aged Pale
    Troegs Nugget Nectar
    Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree

    Its been a good night.
  4. we have wine coming out the ass. beer not so much.
  5. There has now been 100+ Rate Beer Free Beer Week contests and I know some people have more planned still. I MIGHT end up doing one more myself.

    My first win package arrived yesterday. Rad.
  6. This #$%#ing beer... currently having my, I think third or fourth ever zombie dust... my god does this get better and better every time. I really didnt care for it much with the first bottle, but with each subsequent bottle this beer tastes more and more amazing. Hands down my new go-to beer.
  7. Missed out on a bottle of '11 Hunahpu along with a couple other beers by getting second place in a RBFBW contest... And it was a photo contest. Really disappointing, as I really liked my photo. Oh well. Should still have another box headed my way early next week and can't complain too much about missing out on some free beer by doing nothing other than taking a photo.
  8. How do you like RB forums vs BA?
  9. Poast yuor photo
  10. Contest was to take a photo of something traditionally considered "ugly" or "ordinary" and make it more. I ended up getting stuck and one spot with no time, as I found a knife blade in my tire, but here's what I came up with. You could post two photos, but I felt one was clearly stronger than the other. Not necessarily my best work, but I was pretty happy with them, considering.
  11. Had this and got these.

    The El Toro beer is actually very, very good. I like it better than their DIPA, which was very solid, too.
  12. That is pretty good, I think. Especially the top-down one. Did you re-arrange the cigarettes, or were they already just on one half of the tray?
  13. This is me, drinking my last Boneshaker this summer past:
  14. No, I didn't move them and yeah, that's clearly the better photo.

    And today I just barely missed out on another contest for a free bottle of Hunahpu. ;_;
  15. I thought it was pretty good , the company I had up really liked it . Got some to bring home but we polished off all 18
  16. Drinking another Santa Fe Imperial Java Stout. Have two more cans, but they're both going in the mail.

    Speaking of one of these cans being in the mail, did you drink any of the stuff I sent you recently yet, NB? Just curious. And, actually I've been wondering, have you polished off everything I sent you the first time?
  17. bought some new stuff
  18. Woot did you have any Chang beer when in Asia , I have been craving Chang ...

    Not because its that good but mor nostalgia
  19. Havent seen it. Only asian beer ive seen and had was Tiger. Real good beer too
  20. Can you not get it where you are? I know I can here.
  21. I can get singha and tiger

    Not Chang for some reason , which was my favorite of the 3 kinda mainstream Asian beers
  22. I'm a fan of the Troubadour Obscura <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  23. I'm sure they're great, but the thought of those do nothing for me. So happy to live in a land of hops and stouts (amongst others).

    Another package just landed on my doorstep and this one is a bit of a mystery. I know some of the breweries that will be in it, but not the beers or exactly how many. Love it.
  24. never had either of those. i'm looking forward to them
  25. that's ok. american beers don't really do it for me either.

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