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  1. The last smoked beer I had was an Epic Portamarillo, and that was great.
  2. Yeah, I know and I'd imagine their opening tap list will be as good if not better. Jealous. But I'd imagine a place that would be pretty damn pricy. Could be wrong, though.
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  4. They actually even send bottles. And stuff like BA Dark Lords seem to be fairly common at big events and festivals over there. That also do collaborations with quite a few Euro brewers, including Mikkeller, so they're over there quite a bit. A hell of a lot more than they are in Arizona (which is never, aside from the odd collaboration like the Goop series).
  5. Its pretty sad that almost no American beer comes here. Mainly because every European thinks of Bud when it comes to American beer. And thats probably one of the worst Beers ever. I wish this would change
  6. Yeah, well I'd imagine for most Americans European beer pretty much starts and ends with stuff like Guinness, Boddington's and Heineken.

    There are definitely plenty of Europeans that know about good American beer, but I'm sure they're the extreme minority. There's actually a number of American breweries that send their stuff over here while I can't get them in Arizona, making me jealous (like Hoppin Frog, for example).
  7. I bet it will eventually. Many, if not most Americans still think of Bud when it comes to American beer.
  8. Yo, Nigelow... Don't know if you saw this and always curious.
  9. Oh snizap! My bad! I've had the Imperial Java Stout from Santa Fe and the Bell's Expedition Stout so far. The Santa Fe stout was pretty good, with tons of fresh coffee flavor. Not my #1 coffee stout, but definitely something I'd return to. The Expedition was REALLY good, and definitely deserves all the praise heaped upon it. It was a touch hot, though, so I can definitely see why people lay them down for a while. As good as it was, I could see it getting even better in time!

    As for the first trade, I believe the Batch 9,000 and the Big Bad Baptist are the last two I have. I knew I had the B9k laying around, but was kind of surprised to find the BBB hiding in my parent's cellar. I pulled it out and am planning on consuming it soon, particularly as Epic JUST came to Washington this last month and I can get a fresh bottle for comparison!

    Anyway, thanks again for all the brews! I'll keep you more up to date!
  10. Thanks for the update. Pretty much agree with everything you've said. What'd you think about the Raspberry Tart? Still have a bottle from the same bottling, so I'm curious.
  11. Oh #$%#, I still have that, too! I was going to try to trade for a fresh one and open them both together. I should probably just bust it open, though.
  12. Just got home from work. I have a three-day weekend. Debating what I should drink first.
  13. Yeah, I really don't know how much it changes with time, actually. Oddly, I've only had Raspberry Tart on tap at the brewery. Have had Belgian Red and Serendipity out of the bottle, though. Serendipity is, worth seeking out, too. So good.
  14. Just grabbed 2L of Mike's One More Pale Ale for the evening.
    Tonight will be chilled and awesome.
  15. Spent about 30 minutes debating between extras to throw in for a huge trade I'm doing in miami. I had room for 9 beers in the case.

    ended up doing
    Founders Breakfast Stout
    Founders Porter
    Founders Dirty Bastard
    Goose Island Christmas ale
    Deschutes Mirror Pond
    Descutes Chainbreaker
    3Floyds Alpha King
    New Glarus Back Forty Bock
    New Glarus Moon Man

    that what I had before I realized I never put Daisy Cutter in there. Spent an embarrassingly long time deciding which beer to nix. Ended up pulling the moon man.
  16. Wrong choice, man. Moon Man > GI Christmas Ale, Mirror Pond, Chainbreaker & Back Forty Bock. On top of that, NG is only available in Wisconsin, while Deschutes and Goose Island are all over the country. I can almost guarantee whoever it is would be more excited to get that New Glarus brew. Imagine that's the case with everyone on this site that's familiar with these breweries, too. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.

    Are those nine extras, or the entire trade?
  17. Well we agreed to make a blind 6pk, and I had 3 spots left over in the case.

    I see what you're saying about new glarus, however I just opened one up and it wasn't very good, all the hoppiness is gone. I think these are old. Don't want to give him a dud moon man.
    That said, I do have another NG beer, laughing fox... though I dont know if he's a wheat beer fan so maybe thats not a good choice.

    Also I checked with seekabrew, florida doesnt get deschutes or GI at all.
  18. Yeah, I suppose if it's an old bottle, you're better off sending something else. Seekabrew is a great site. I still think, though, that you're better off with New Glarus. GI or Deschutes can come from all over the country, even if they don't get it in Florida, while New Glarus can only come from around WI. I'm a little biased, though, as I'm obviously a bit of a New Glarus fanboy. I just know that people out here view New Glarus as a sort of distant, special brewery due to their distribution and pretty much flawless reputation. A friend of mine has a fridge full of awesome stuff (like BCBS Vanilla, multiple Black Tuesdays, KBS, etc.), for example, and was super excited to try even a single bottle of New Glarus beer (we had more than one, though... Coffee Stout, Enigma, Apple Ale and Serendipity, IIRC).

    EDIT: I'd also send Laughing Fox over those others. Kristallweizen's aren't real common and it's RB's highest rated beer of that style (as well as BA's forth highest). And, again, it's New Glarus.
  19. I guess I'm a bit spoiled, all of those aside from enigma, I can pick up in 40 minutes. Loved the Coffee, I'd have put that in but I only have one left and I'm bringing it to a tasting tomorrow. Assuming all goes according to plan, I'll be knocking a big whale or two off my list!

    Hmm ok Ill send the Laughing fox then, now to decide which to pull again! I really like chainbreaker, not rated too highly which surprises me, but its a damn good beer. Maybe mirror pond.
  20. Yeah, those four particular NG beers aren't anything crazy (still have at least one bottle of all of them here in AZ), but they're pretty special to anyone outside of the area. I love the Coffee Stout, but only have one bottle left myself, so I can see why you wouldn't want to send it off. Especially since it's a seasonal that's likely in its last month of production for the year. I have a pretty solid lineup of NG beers and that's almost all I'm personally interested in trading for at the moment. But only the older Unplugged/Thumbprint beers.

    I'd probably drop Mirror Pond, personally. At least out here, I almost view that beer as a "if there's nothing else appealing" kind of beer. It's on tap or in bottles pretty much everywhere at any given time.

    Oh, today was:
    Good Old Potosi Beer (bottle)
    Lakefront Riverwest Stein (bottle)
    Lagunitas Sucks (pint x3)
  21. I haven't had that many New Glarus brews, but the overall impression I have of them is that they're an above-average brewery with below-average distribution. Why people get so bent out of shape in search of their beers makes about as much sense to me as people going nuts for Pliny (or possibly even less sense, since Pliny reaches a smaller area than NG).
  22. todays purchase
  23. Caracole and Saison du Pont are pretty damn good.
  24. Saison Dupont is easily in my top 5 best beers evarrrrrrr.
  25. Come up to Seattle. It's on tap at Brouwer's like 68% of the time.

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