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    Another trip to Seattle would be dope though.
  2. i haven't seen saison dupont in bars.

    so yeah haven't tried it.

    i'm having the maredsous as we speak. good as ever.
  3. My vacation is coming to a close but have a games night lined up tonight so here are my pics for this eve
  4. So I found a tasting partner on BA, today he shared with me

    King Henry
    BCBS Bramble Rye
    Ale Smith Speedway Stout
    Utopius 2009
    Eclipse Evan Williams

    Lets just say today was a good day. 3 of those I had no hope of ever trying.
  5. Nice. Have had Speedway Stout (obviously) and Utopias, but haven't had the others. Can go pick up all of those Eclipse variants right now, but not interested in paying $30 for a 22oz bottle.
  6. Random, not-so-special stuff I picked up to send out in a couple boxes, one of them being my Free Beer Week contest. Got the El Toro Deuce to go in one of the boxes, but it turns out the dude has already had it, so I just drank it.

    Other beer is something I drank the other day while doing some "art" as part of some Whole Foods charity thing I agreed to a while back. Thing is, I agreed to it after a few glasses of Sucaba and have no idea if I gave them what they wanted, haha.
  7. Yea neither am I, but this guy buys these like its nothing. He didnt even care if I finished all of it, he just wanted to try them but not get drunk. He even offered for me to take the utopius home and bring back the bottle when I was done with it! I declined, didnt want to be seen as some kid taking advantage of the guy. Still he has so many more beers to try, I definitely want to be around when he does!
  8. Haha, yeah, that's like the local tastings here. I feel like a chump bringing what I do, just because he already has everything there is, basically. And the host of that particular group is crazy generous, along with pretty much everyone else there.

    Drinking this now and F1LM was right. It's very tasty, but I don't see it as a stout at all. Not really much different than any other Oud Bruin I've had.
  9. Have you had Tart Side of the Moon? I have a can of it, going to open it soon.
  10. Love oud bruin for cooking. Great for making stews.

    Nice glass btw.
  11. I haven't had anything from Brewery Vivant. Sounds pretty decent, but not especially sour/tart. This Tart of Darkness is fairly sour/tart, but pretty easy drinking, really. Would pick up a few bottles if it wasn't as pricy as it is. This bottle is probably at least four or five months old, so I don't know if that's changed it much.
  12. Yeah, I actually picked it up a thrift store a while back for like $.50. I rarely use it, but thought it'd be a nice glass for this beer.

    Would imagine they would be good for cooking, as they have some dark beer qualities as well as some red wine qualities. I've actually never used beer in cooking, but I need to.
  13. I've heard lots of good stuff about Serendipity as well. I'd be more aggressive in trying to get some if I had more money/time for trading, haha!

    As for ageing fruited beers, I'm torn. On one hand, I often love the fruit character in the beer, and it takes a more central role in the younger beer, but on the other, I have had wonderful aged fruited sours as well. I've yet to find any good way of predicting how a fruited sour will be with age, beyond a few basic caveats that really could apply to most any beer. With that in mind, I often try to get a few bottles (if I can) and space out their opening over several months or even years.
  14. Yeah, it is pretty ubiquitous. Still good though. I'd tempt you with bottles of Deviation, but I hear you got that on tap not too long ago.
  15. I basically only age many of my beers because I don't want to open them by myself, but I have heard that the fruit character can drop off pretty quick in fruited sours. That being said, these NG fruit beers aren't especially sour or bottle conditioned, as far as I know. I don't know that they'll change a whole lot, but I haven't heard of them getting much worse with age.

    I'm heading back to WI in May and want to get a couple fresh bottles of their fruit beers to compare.
  16. Lemme know if you need some serendipity, its a short drive for me.
  17. Ah, man... so tempted to let my Armand & Tommy go... Guy is looking for it on RB and offering many things, but this is likely what I'd be interested in (5:1):

    Black Tuesday
    White Chocolate
    Black Note x2
    Beatification B5

    Might have to send him a message... Don't know, though.

  18. Indeed, for like $5/pour!
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    Wow, just saw A&T on a Belgian online beer shop where it was sold out at 95,00 € (~$125 USD)... with shipping that's like $170. Damn. Didn't know it was going for quite that much.
  20. Barter for all that + a ziploc bag full of Grey Monday wax.
  21. Potentially. What would you be looking for in return?
  22. Haha, I saw the picture of that. Funny. I'll probably just hold onto the A&T, though. Don't plan on opening it any time soon and maybe something will come up down the road. Also have the Golden Blend and can get the standard one easily, too, so that might make for a fun tasting.

    Drinking these two tonight.
  23. you are THE WORST!
  24. Also, I realized I'm dumb as #$%#. I said Sex Panther is the first San Tan beer I've ever had. It's not, you sent me a Hop Knot last year and it was excellent.

    EDIT: Also, I'm gonna be in NM next weekend. I know, different state and all that, but would you know anything to look out for there?
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    Actually, Four Peaks brews Hop Knot, not San Tan. It's also a much better beer than anything from San Tan (IMO), haha.

    I don't know NM real well, but in a word: Elevated. Seriously, La Cumbre Elevated IPA. Get some. It's awesome. Don't think they date the cans, but I know it sells very well so if you see it, chances are it's fresh.

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