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  1. Any chance you can throw some in a box for me sometime?
  2. So fun story, today I was perusing a liquor store that I don't really frequent and got offered a job.

    Back story. This place is a bit of an upscale store built a few years ago. Mostly focus on wines by the look of it, but they had a decently sized craft section, but they didn't have anything too special on the shelves. I came in just browse and check if they had Parabola, after spending a few minutes looking around, I began to leave but was stopped by the cashier asking me if there was something specific I was looking for. I explained to him what I was doing, and signed up for their emails. Guy noticed I was jewish by my necklace and made a comment, we made small talk, and he asked again about what I was looking for. Explained to him that beer is kinda a hobby and I was getting a feel of their selection/prices for future use. Started talking about different breweries, and I advised him to put the Surly they had hidden at the bottom corner of their cooler to a more prominent location, as they are sort of the hot ticket around chicago right now. Guy immediately asked if I'd be interested in helping them out and managing beer. I was shocked actually.

    I told him I have no time right now, but I'll have loads more time in the summer. We left it that I would get back to them in a few months.

    I'm thinking of all the possibilities now, I'd really love doing something like this. Like a developing project.
  3. Of course! This years' won't be out until like December, though. I will keep my peepers out just in case any of the 2013 is still floating around.

    EDIT: Peeped my listings. Still have a fair bit from last year. Will throw some yo direction!
  4. Sounds like fun. Be like a beer consultant contractor.
  5. Currently drinking Cthulhu with hazelnuts

  6. Sweet, thatd be awesome.

    Im still recovering from yesterday. Came home at 6pm and slept until 8am today.
  7. Man kbs has become so scarce around here. The entire region only got 24 cases. Binnys probably saw most of those and they were gone before 11am. I managed 1 bottle from a store that I have a good relationship with and the guy held one for me. He also treated me with samples of st lam, funky Buddha maple bacon coffee porter, and Firestone walker 15. Good day.
  9. English breweries are by far the worst for this.
  10. american breweries are way worse man
  11. There's an English beer called Santa's Butt. Seriously.
  12. Click through this a bit and tell me I'm wrong.

    EDIT: Link seems to be spam/malware filled. Annoying.

    Also, the single worst description I've ever come across was from a Canadian brewery, surprisingly.
  13. It's time to finally crack this one open.
  14. It's flavor is quite unique, nice malt, hint of caramel and vanilla. Very smooth.
  15. You should bust open a Rochefort 10 and an Abt 12 alongside it.
  16. ugh beat me to it.

    But yea Rochefort 10 is delish. I'd drink it all day every day.
  17. boosh rekt
  18. haha do you recall which one ?
  19. Sawdust City's "Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus" (out of Gravenhurst)

    "Designed to withstand the grueling voyage from Earth to Uranus. Long Dark Voyage is a Uranal stout of the highest order. Ass puckeringly bitter and dry as a bone, this dark chocolate treat is quite dangerous and will sneak up on you from behind if you don’t keep your wits about you. You’ve been warned!"

    They have a version called "Bloody Long Dark Voyage to Uranus", too...
  20. I don't now if I could ever drink something called a uranal stout, either because it sounds like like "urinal" or "anal" or both...
  21. haha yeah , they followed that up with red rocket ...
  22. Drinking Founders RIS. So chalky at first, kinda unpleasant, but it sweetens up as it warms. Nice and smooth now.
  23. I'm drinking a hard cider made with blackberry juice. It tastes like one of those Crystal Geyser juice squeeze things, which is awesome.
  24. Currently have BCBS chilling on a bed of Nutella in a french press... lets see how this turns out.

    edit: not a significant change. sweeter, but nothing crazy.
  25. Tasty beer. Pretty sweet for a dark beer.

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