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  1. Guh, I always hate being reminded of how much of a ripoff bombers are.

    A $20 bomber of something special is a $65 six-pack equivalent.
  2. I am honestly not a big fan of sculpin at all. My opinion on the price would be different if I were I guess. Still $15 a 6pk is $15. Here in Chicago, best deal in IPAs is anti-hero, 10-11 bucks, and always fresh since it's such a hot seller. Surprised it's not rated higher but I guess ratings ain't everything. I found I'm not the biggest fan of west coast IPAs, Except russian river.
  3. $10 is the cheapest IPA out there? Seriously?
  4. Cheapest? Oh no, but the best enjoyment/$ ratio in my opinion. Actually their "A Little Crazy" pale ale is even better, but its only available in 6pks a few months of the year, otherwise its like a $7 bomber.

    If we had Moon Man in chicago for $7 a 6pk, that would be just the best.
  5. Life is good
  6. In Vancouver , wish I didn't have so much work or I could enjoy more of these
  7. Had this on draft at a bar last week and loved it
  8. That beer reminds me of Robitussin.
  9. Yeah, I like the pale a LOT more.
  10. Hmm I remember it being too sour to seem syrupy or medicinal
  11. But I also got this so I can be as New England as possible
  12. I'm fairly sure it's just the pale with cherry syrup added.
  13. I remember seeing the pale I'm going to try it next
  14. Gansett makes a shandy now? That's awesome!
  15. Fremont Rusty Nail may have just taken top spot as my favorite beer of 2014. That shit was like a box of really good chocolate truffles.
  16. There any more left?
  17. ~190 bottles released in March. All sold out. I think I have one left, though. And Fremont is likely going to re-make it in larger quantities next year with the new batch of 1st Nail. Or so they said.
  18. beer is just ok
  19. Bumpty bump... You negroes familiar with Orval?
  20. Beer gives me a stomach ache when I have more than half a glass. I can't session beer, I just taste it now.

    Sorry dudes <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    I still have preferences for certain stuff, though. But you guys are into some way obscure shit. I'm a fan of Six Point Sweet Action, Bell's Two Hearted, Brooklyn '55 Pennant Ale. I guess lagers usually bore me, but I do like Menabrea Amber Lager, generally I like something with not too much body but a good amount of flavor.
  21. Yah. Good, but a bit too bitter for me

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