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  1. Went to a bottleshare last night put on by some guys in my area from Beer Advocate. There were probably 40 bottles split amongst ~20 or so people, and a lot of cool stuff showed up:

    Russian River Framboise for a Cure/Lost Abbey Framboise di Amorosa/Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus side-by-side
    Captain Lawrence wine barrel-aged Smoke From the Oak
    Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2001 (amazing)
    Cascade Sang Royal
    Big Sky Ivan The Terrible 2009
    Weyerbacher Idiot's Drool (terrible)
    Saugatuck Neapolitan milk stout (tasted like an ashtray)
    Short's Cup A Joe coffee stout (tasted like tomatoes)
    Rodenbach Grand Cru 1971 - NINETEEN SEVENTY ONE
    North Coast Old Rasputin XII

    And a ton of other shit that all runs together in my mind. I still can't believe I got to try a beer old enough to be my dad, and it actually tasted pretty good.
  2. Random pub posting while the rest of the Party takes off to smoke their lungs.

    Local irish pub has international beer buffet night. Random beers every week for $2.50 a bottle on fridays.

    This week:

    Old english oil

    So yeah, the Old English Oil is bloody wicked for a porter on special. Nice and rich, defiantly no complaints for wha I paid; will drink more!

    Cheers from the neighborhood pub!
  3. That sounds like a pretty rad tasting.

    Idiot's Drool seems to be pretty polarizing. I've read some reviews where people raved about it and others where they totally trashed it. What was it like from your experience?

    Ivan 2009 is one of my favorite stouts of all time, though I haven't had a bottle since late 2010. How's it holding up?
  4. poast your avatar.
  5. It tasted like a mixture of soy sauce, wet cardboard, and charcoal. Everyone agreed it was the worst beer opened that night. Past batches were probably the ones you see people singing the praises of; I believe this most recent batch is pretty universally disliked.

    Ivan was incredible, and one of the best stouts opened all night.

    Other shit I remember trying:

    3 Floyd's Moloko milk stout
    Firestone Walker Abacus 2011 & Parabola 2011
    Founder's Blushing Monk (tasted like a raspberry sauce you'd top a dessert with - delicious)
    Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #3
    Upright Gose
    Fantome Saison 2008 (tangerines and brettanomyces)
    Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti
    Hardywood Park Gingerbread Stout (tasted like Christmas!)
    Alpine Chez Monieux
    BFM Cuvee de 7eme (reminded me of a vinaigrette dressing, in a bad way)
    Sierra Nevada Fritz & Ken's Ale (the 30th anniversary stout)
    Dogfish Head Urkontinent

  6. i celebration of cinco de mayo I am going to drink Tecate or maybe negra modelo all day. maybe both
  7. atwater brewery vanilla java bean porter, shorts pandemonium, weihenstephaner vitus, oberon ale
  8. Finally had some Pliny the Elder on tap. It's great, but not anything that blows me away versus a number of other IPA/IIPAs. Had to drink it quick, though. Really cool place though. Packers bar with great stuff on tap and a great bottle selection.

    Also picked up a couple bottles. Victory HopDevil and HotD Doggie Claws 2011. Passed on Adam, Fred, RR Redemption, RR Damnation, RR Sanctification and others.
  9. Also, when I was out in California, I swung by the Bruery Provisions. Was just basically running some errands, but wanted to swing in quick and check out the bottles, but didn't know what I was getting into. Got there right before opening and there was a line probably fifty people deep. Didn't realize they were doing daily bottle releases there to celebrate their anniversary. That day it was The Wanderer and at $30 with a one bottle limit, I wouldn't have wanted one anyway. Just sucks, because I would've really liked to check the place out and maybe pickup something pretty unique.
  10. does anybody know what the hell they mean by free range coastal water?
  11. last night highscore.

    hangover like whoa.
  12. I kept one bottle of Pepe, Sofia, and Matilda from Goose Island I bought a year ago to celebrate after I graduated. Now I just need to find someone who can join me and pop those open. Should taste a tad better than they did a year ago.
  13. You were accidentally at Provisions on the day they sold Wanderer? Goddammit, WHY DIDN'T YOU BUY ONE?
  14. I've got some 2010 and 2011 Matilda still in my fridge as well. You're right, they do taste better after a year.
  15. Yeah, prefer Tremens.

    Also had these over the weekend. I've had Aventinus before, but Combined Harvest I tried for the first time and it was pretty delicious in a sweet way.
  16. Think I already kind of covered that, but if I could've, I probably would've. I just drove by at about 11:50 and saw a long ass line and I was in a hurry. Was only planning on spending like maybe ten minutes there and had no idea they were doing releases. I think I probably couldn't have resisted had I been by later while there was no line and any were still available. For all I know, I could've waited in that line and ended up empty handed. Didn't even know what it was all about until I got back to the hotel.
  17. I dunno how many people were there at noon, but I believe they sold out around 4PM that day. Also, as a reference point, City Beer Store (the place here in SF that Wanderer was made for), sells it for on-premise-only consumption at $60 a bottle. Their next anniversary party is this Saturday, and I'm told it will be on tap!
  18. get a tan , you are translucent
  19. Drinking the Dogfather now. Okay brewery, great beer. It's something like 1.5-2 years old and it's very, very good. Surprised by how good, actually.

    Drank the Baltic Porter the other night. Great brewery, okay beer. Very complex with lots of flavors I don't normally taste in a porter, but I prefer their Spetsnaz stout for sure.

    Shot of the fridge I took for something else earlier today, trying to make it look as impressive as possible, haha.
  20. Well, like I said, had I been there at a time where I could've just grabbed a bottle off the shelf, I seriously doubt I could've resisted. But that wasn't how it went. You going to/at the anniversary party?
  21. I can never age beer, I always get too excited and drink them early. I have 3 Pere Jacques in my fridge, might pop one right now.

    But on the topic of aging, dont beer need to be in a room temperature environment to age? Or is that only if the yeast is still alive?
  22. Oh and I dont remember who I was talking to about Duvel, I think Dahldrin, but I had it on tap the other day and DAMN was it good. Definitely glad I gave it another go. Also it was free so that made it even sweeter.
  23. Most you don't want to keep quite at room temperature. You want to keep it a little lower than that and away from sunlight. Keeping it in the fridge will basically just make it age a little slower. And the key to aging beer and not drinking it is to just get a LOT of beer, haha.

    Haven't had much Goose Island, if any, with any kind of age on it, but there are so many beers that get a little better with some age, IMO. Just had a 2011 La Folie the other day and it was damn delicious. And, like I said, I have a feeling this Dogfather I'm finishing off right now has benefited from time.

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