benz A8

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  1. how about just posting your work say, five at a time?

    the grille and lights need rotating about 3 degrees counter-clockwise but otherwise, that's not bad
  2. don't really like the gold but meh its pretty good
  3. Because I am too excited when i finish one, and not patiant enough to wait till more get done. And I don't really think of making another one till I get really bored.
  4. mercedes had a different angle and hard to put the front onto this audi because of that...
  5. Great photoshop, but the two cars really don't mesh well in terms of design. The CLS is a very flowing, curvaeous coupe, whereas the A8 is a chiseled big Bauhaus sedan.
  6. the rims.. you should change it so it has a mercedes symbol
  7. I think this is nice photoshop for so different cars, but the rear looks akward. It's just too low for this. Imo it makes this look giant sized hatchback. But still good job.
  8. Oh and i love the color. It tells "my owner is loaded"
  9. The front and rear don't go with each other. Makes the car look wierd.
  10. Looks like a woman whose boobs arn't even.
  11. like the back CSL look, the lights dont look great.

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