Best car for under $100,000

Discussion in '2001 BMW M3' started by BMW M, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I think that the M3 is the best bang for your buck under a $100,000. It has one of the best designs around, 4 proper seats, luxurious interior, great handling, and a smooth ride.<!-- Signature -->
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    YUP.. this car "Rules"! i gonna go get one this summer
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    i canŽt argue with anyone who thinks that this is the best car... ever. i mean, it has not that much cc(3,2), and 343 hp is enough 4 me, why do u want more if u canŽt control them, isnŽt that right, and now let us not talk about the design, cuz it is beautifuuuul, BMW coupé, what more do u want.
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    its only real competition under 100k is the m5. And i would take the m3 over it just for that straight 6
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    Do you guys want to see something funny? Go to the 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra forum and you'll see a bunch of idiots saying that the Mustang can is better than the M3. The ignorance of people in that forum is beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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