best Lambo???

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by astonghini, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. don't just think performance but over all
  2. best lambo has to be the new ones.
  3. yeah i agree but if the cala had existed that would have been awesome
  4. yes lambos used to make tractors correct ur very smart and now they make supercars which could beet the one on ur pic 3 times over
  5. r u a farmer by the way??
  6. a mile
  7. i agree miura is something they will never be able to make again
  8. Hahahahahaha!!!

    Miura, Diablo, Cala (Can't choose)
  9. i dont' like the diablo really
    dunno like great car hate the looks
  10. PandaBeat. i just want to mention somthing for u. ur attempts to turn every thread to flame war against lambo (with ferrari fans) become very annoying. i personally i dont care about what u think about Lambo, but unfortunatly some members here try to reply to ur posts, and eventually the threads become flame war threads.

    so, plz, if u dont like Lambo, make a thread and say waht ever u want there, just dont post these uselss coments in every single thread.

    BTW, i m ready to argue with u about Lambo IF u r planning to have a resonable argument based on facts.

    thank u.

    back to the subject. i still think the new Lambos are the best as whole cars (performance, quality, handling, etc...). every new model become better than the old ones, the only Lambo that i think wasnt better than the older model is the Islero compared to the 350/400GT.

    here we should be more clear about the best lambo and ur fav lambo, the first one based on facts more than opinions, the 2nd one based on opinions more than facts.

    btw, to make this thread more intersting, plz mention some reasons why u think the car u posted is the best, just to have somthing to argue about.
  11. Miura SV ( Or SVJ )
  12. no they can not, lambrourghinis are tractors and can not beet farraris
  13. gota b the contach, made them wat they r 2day
  14. murcy for me
  15. Murcielago.
  16. Definetely the Murcielago. It has the best quality, power, and styling of them all.
  17. Murcielago
  18. Diablo for me,i luv VT 6.0 the best
  19. Compelling argument.
  20. really?? hmm me and my friend compared the f-50 to a diablo the f-50 would be owned diablo is much beter
  21. Miura for looks
    Murcielago for performance

    Diablo for both...
  22. Why does everyone forget the 400GT <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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