Best new car for $23,000?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 84FordMan, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. I won't buy any car that isn't available with a dual clutch automatic manual

    But I don't have any money so car companies don't have to worry about me
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  4. I have some broken HDD's I'd like to sell you. The info on them is still great, but you get the point. I drive manual and always intend to. But I'd never buy anything broken that's technically fixed.
  5. just sayin if i was in the market for a sporty little car i wouldn't get the automatic just because of some complaints on the internet. i bet its not as bad as they make it out to be anyways, seems you can make an improvement just buy changning to a better gear oil
  6. lol if thats a concern to you then youre not someone who would be happy with a slower shifting auto
  7. I don't think I want to see a manual tranny.
  8. automatic is not a sports car
    automatic should only be available in s-classes and women's cars like acura SUV's and shit
    and vans
  9. And American drivers.
  10. no way, vans should be manual. Theres nothing better than crunching your works van into second on full acceleration, never using the clutch
  11. the only cars that need to be automatic are mercedes e/s-classes.
  12. Speaking of automatics..

    My brother popped up offering his 2008 VW GTI for me to take over payments on. It's black, automatic and 65,000 miles. He owes $14,700 on it.
  13. Make sure you drive it plenty before deciding. Some people swear by the DSG and find it more enjoyable than the traditional 6-speed, but the DSG is quirky as hell.

    Love that 2.0L though.
  14. Also, LOL at not wanting a manual Hyundai due to some possible issues with the trans, yet willing to take on an out of warranty VW.
  15. haha even the vwownervw thinks this haha
  16. i would never buy a car that unless it's gated shifter
    other car is scrub
  17. Also, LOL at someone wanting anything with a manual when they live in an extremely congested city such as Charlotte.

    Actually it's not out of warranty, my brother buys extended warranties on everything he buys. I doubt I will go for it, I had very brief fascination with the MKV GTI a few years back when I still had the Bonneville and was looking to sell it for a newer car. At the time, found one Fahrenheit edition that tripped my trigger.

    Still probably not going to go for it, will drive it for the hell of it thouggh.
  18. lol @ buying a sports car in an extremely congested city
  19. 3 years old and still owes 14.7k? Holy balls.

    edit: oops, quoted wrong post
  20. lol @ thinking charlotte is congested

    you ever heard of london, ny, or chinese cities like tokyo?
  21. Lots of chinaman in tokyo, I think.

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