Best supercar interior ever

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. But what if you just wanna roll 2 miles an hour so everyone can see you in front of the club while having Gucci Mane at full blast?
  2. wut?

    If they're on her, then yes.

    Definitely relevant to my interests.
  3. it was alleged that there was no radio as Murray didnt listen to the radio. dunno if that was true, but most UK magazines reported it.
  4. its utilitarian but everything still looks right i think, great might have been a bit of an exaggeration but its still better than most. even the 959 which was 'high-tech' still had a dreadful maroon interior and uuuugly steering wheel.
  5. Spot on. the 959 is has a horrible interior and the steering wheel tops it. Really, it's so ugly!
  6. the 959 interior is great. not in the top 10 best interiors ever but still great.

    I'm also adding the Ferrari Daytona to the list of best interiors with the Spyker and the Zonda.
  7. You are clearly blind and biased. For it's time the 959 interior looks great.
  8. Skoda 105 has Veglia Borletti gauges that go up to 350km/h and a tacho up to 8000rpm?? Sweeeeet!!

    And the tarp is just to avoid reflections on the top of the dash. Form meets function (something most cars don't know these days...).
  9. /Thread
  10. Lol, snore-fest.
  11. a car with audi tt air vents is never a good thing.
  12. everything else ether looks gay or too GT in comparison
  13. Looks ridiculously cheap for a car in that price range.
  14. Did CvK buy that design from the same guy that sold him the Ford V8?
  15. It's the only interior that makes me feel like I'd be sitting inside a futuristic LeMans racer, in other words, it's perfection.
  16. You probably still think he designed this whole car.

    You are a new level of idiot. You make 20krpm look smart and tall
  17. I wish Raging Balls expanded his trolling a little more, he's pretty funny
  18. It's on par with a Mosler's interior. Definitely not worth it's price...
  19. CvK? of course he did, right down to the engine.
  20. He was never funny. Also, that 959 interior is vomit-inducing.
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  22. It's hard to extend that level of stupidity even further, but yeah, we wait for his comments like kid waiting for his Christmas gift.
  23. Stop ruining words like "LeMans" and "perfection" all the time. As of now K'segg hasn't built a car that have competed in any racing series.

    And that interior can only be described as shit relative to other exotic cars. It's as good as a kit car with sat nav screen, exceptionally cheap looking for such an expensive vehicle. Every one of the 90's road legal racing cars got better interior.
  24. Form meets function (something most cars don't know these days...): Have you ever heard of aerodynamics?

    These are nice
  25. Obviously you want the 458 with the carbon package instead of the leather/aluminium...

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