Best supercar interior ever

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. if you don't have class maybe.
  2. Sure.... Get the walnutt or rose wood package....
  3. if you don't have class maybe.
  4. I was talking about dashboards... in which way does a dashboard has anything to do with aerodynamics??

  5. I like the gauges and center console. That's about it.
  6. the pagani interior is probably the best supercar interior so far.

    i enjoy the layout of the 458 interior, but it doesnt give of the same impressive level of craftsmanship that the pagani does.

    im not sure why you like the veyron interior......while classy and fuctional, it is bland, boring, and uninspired. not at all worthy of the cars price has no passion!
  7. Veyron is supposed to be a luxury high performance car, a super GT. Its interior suits its character well in my opinion.

    Zonda is much more focused, a true driver's car. It's sleeker, lighter, and more exotic looking inside and out.
  8. Doesn't make more sense. The 458 interior is "form meets function" more than anything else. It's designed so that the driver can focus on the DRIVING only. Keeps his/hers hands on the wheel and eyes on the road (and rev counter) at all times.
    Obviously it's advanced and embraces lots of high tech because the car has many functions to improve performance and driving experience: "form meets function" ...
  9. I love the Pagani interior. When you sit there...the quality is amazing, but so it is in the 458.

    It's just like sitting in the 458 makes everything else feel old fashioned...
    The fat steering wheel with all it's controls and buttons, it's 2 big LCD displayes and the big central rev counter all together is just perfect and very modern suiting the high tech package of the 458.... But you're right not as exotic and handmade as the Pagani.

    No nothing revolutionary about the Veyron interior. When you sit there it's just very well made and looks right. But hey the car is 1,3 mio Euros....
  10. ive sat in the just really did not inspire any emotion at all......the pagani and 458 do.
  11. lol posting that pic confirms my suspicion of your shit taste in cars and design. Like I said, I haven't seen an interior that comes close to Agera's.
  12. biggest troll ever
  13. I do have horrible taste in cars, and the only person here with even worse taste in cars is you.
  14. Where did I mention the 458? I was talking about car interiors in general. And I wouldn't say those gigantin aluminium A/C outlets pointing at your face help on focusing on the road. It could be done simpler and still look better AND be functional.

    I'm not saying it isn't functional and it may be one of the simplest interiors on supercars today that don't look too cheap.

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