best ways to avoid pigs

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by doyle, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. holy crap blast from the past

    also, this "impreza-guy" seems to be of low intelligence.
  3. Definately obey the rules.
  4. Bumpity bump
  5. This is a terrible thread and it should never be bumped...

  6. hello guys how can i murder pepoel and get away with it, i really cant help it and its not my fault and i dont think its fair for me to go to jail and i really want to know.
  7. cut them in half if not moar
  8. Since this is the Australian forum I thought this thread would be about avoiding actual pigs.
  9. laser gun blocker
  10. like some sort of personal energy shield?
  11. Invisibility/invincibility shield.
  12. well where the #$%# are you
  13. Countryside pig can be vicious and bite leg if they hungry for corn and only have white vegetable. But this NSW and QLD pigs quite devils if they steal car! Maybe intelligent genetic breed American pig?

    And yuo no need "laser gun"! All need for fight vicious pig is bamboo stick. Pig owner charge maybe even 20 yuan and get angry if you shoot pig.
  14. LOL... so good.
  15. who needs laser scanners when you can just obey the law?
  16. Or just use these high tech things called "eyes" or something

    "eyes" can be used to spot pigs at greater distance than speed radar
  17. Is make me rih behind event, some person really think doyre rear person.

    You got served vegetables.
  19. Bullshit. I used to think that too. One day after classes, I was doing 39 in a 25 zone and I saw a cop trapping waaaay up in the distance so I slowed down and cruised by at like 20 mph. Too late. He lasered me at a range of (estimating here) at least half a mile.
  20. You have to use traffic to your advantage too. Play your cards right and the cop goes after the guy infront/to the left of you instead
  21. You should just keep your eyes open when you travel...
  22. I dont believe that you are old enough to even drive.

    If you can afford tyres rated so high, and a roll cage im sure your budget can stretch to accomodate a track day. You are being a bit of a retard by coming on here and going "Huuurrr duurrr I can rice at 250km/h!".

    Seriously dude, everyone here has done that and more and you dont see us going out and about with stories and being retarded about how we wont kill ourselves.

    It just doesnt sound like you are mature.
  23. This is the way to go. It's easy to do this on a freeway, but I was on a suburban street: no other cars.
  24. the best way to get away with murder if you have the urge is to have no motive or no connection to the person. all the best serial killers and hitmen (for practice) just go out and kill randoms for no reason
  25. i love this thread

    truly an great

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