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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong..

    The rules don't regulate how many HP the cars can have, but the rules for engine parts are designed to get an even competition between the teams, so you shouldn't be able to get more than 295-300HP...

    But I've heard (call it rumors) that the really competative teams (Subaru, Mitsubishi, Ford) all have around 430-460BHP...

    I don't know if this is true or not, but there are a few things that support my theory..

    - The cars accelerate VERY fast.. Not any road car about 1200kg +-300BHP can acc. even close to the rally cars 3sec. 0-100km/h.
    The closest must be EVO RS models at 4.5sec or something..
    But even extremely good grip, seq. gearshift and a good driver can't make a car go that much faster...
    Oh and by the way, I know that a WRC car has alot more torque than a road EVO, it still is a HUGE difference from 4.5sec to 3sec...

    - If you look at a PS (PlayStation) game like Gran Turismo 2, you will find that even though it says when you read about the rally cars that they got 295/298/299HP, when you buy them they all got around 460HP !!<!-- Signature -->
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    I doubt very much that WR cars have more than around 350 HP. They might, perhaps, be around 400 without the restrictor plates though. *shrug*

    I was always under the imression that WR cars (or for that matter any cars) acceleration was dictated by torque and gearing ratios rather than HP. As you point out, WR cars have tons of torque and (for most rallies) are geared for rapid acceleration and not high speed.
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    There are different levels of rally cars. The hill climb rally cars have about 500-900 BHP. THey have different HP for different things. Rally racing isin't all on dirt roads. It is on snow, up hills, on ice, dir, mud, asphault, etc. Play a game like Rallisport challenge on X-Box and you will see hoe things work. I can see all you people have no clue!
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    all WRC cars has 300 Hp to it wheels, but engines is about 450HP
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    They do restrict the engins power outputs, so the problem is getting as much of the power to the road as possible. thats why some have better torque than others.<!-- Signature -->
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    I believe WRC cars have an inlet restrictor - this controls the peak airflow which limits horsepower. With airflow restricted - that limits horsepower. The torque they make also builds up at very low revs as they use technology to greatly reduce turbo lag.
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    You are half right. Torque delivered to the wheels is in fact, 100% of your forward thrust. This also means that it's 100% of your acceleration (besides weight, aerodynics, etc.)

    Proper gearing allows maximun effective use of your engine torque to the wheels. But the limiting factor here is your RPM. With higher RPM you can build up more speed before shifting, and you can take advantage of better gearing. All of this helps deliver more torque to the wheels.
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    yeah, sorry, torque doesn't make you fast, try comparing the acceleration (or g's) curve to the hp curve. (exactly the same shape) The torque curve will be totally differnt. Torque is how much twist an engine puts out intantaneously. You have to factor in time! Thats why hp goes up with rpms even if torque stays the same.
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    I will start by saying that there are 3 groups of people on this site. The Asians and Europeans that prefer the Japanese and European cars. The North Americans that prefer Japanese and European cars, and the North Americans that prefer American cars. There is nothing wrong with preferring one automobile over another but to be blinded by patriotism is another issue all together. I will inform everyone that I am a citizen of the UAE. Our country has strong ties to both European countries and North American countries. I have family in France, Germany, USA, and Canada. Therefore I have no allegiance to either land. My opinions come from a neutral territory.
    I must say however that North Americans that love American cars have made a habit of false claims, insults and a constant refusal to admit the truth. It seems that whenever an American car is proclaimed to be the “best” and someone provides proof of its shortfalls or mentions a car that is of a higher calibre the next rebuttal is “but that car costs more”. That is an admission that the US car is not as good. I live in Dubai and here there are many wealthy political figures, oil investors, and Royalty. These people drive the finest of cars. Someone here even owns the CLK GTR. This tells you that money is not an issue. They don’t want “bang for your buck” (someone informed me that buck meant money in American and I hope they were right). They want the best. And they could at the same time easily purchase a Viper or a Z06 or even the Sledgehammer if they wished but they don’t. Why? Because they are not as good. There are very few American cars here because they are not well respected.
    I also noticed that it is widely accepted in North America that the Sledgehammer is the worlds fastest car but in other parts of the world it is not. It is well known that other cars have surpassed the 410kmh mark. Some are also road legal. The Diablo Gambella for example. Also the VTTT. Among other race cars which I won’t list because they are not road legal.
    Personally I drive an X5 and hope to one day own an exotic car but I certainly won’t be looking for a Viper. I will buy Italian or German. But it appears that to many those cars are not good because they were not made in America. I have read “screw imports” and imports are crap”. How is a Lamborghini crap? When you name is “buy American you are already shutting out any possibility that something better may exist or eventually be produced. It is biased. I want the North American car fans to ask themselves two simple question: If the Lamborghini Diablo was an American car would you like it? If the Dodge Viper was German, British, Italian, or Japanese would you like it? Don’t post answers since I am sure they will be far from honest. Just ask yourselves.

    I will post this in a few forums as I have seen arguments in a number of them. In case of responses remember that I showed respect and refrained from insults. Please show me the same respect. Thank you.

    acually i only copied all this shit down from another page i didnt even read it
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    So do you really own that X5? Where do you live *GRIN*
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    I live in chicago, i own an M3 and my mum drives an x5.

    I also know much abourt rally.

    Interal HP is limited to 300hp, there are certain restirctions on parts such as the flywheel, but other than that, you can use any parts youd like but it has to be 300 hp or lower. All cars have turbos, so most of the technology in the car is getting that turbo to give you that hp throughout the whole rpm curve.
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    every parts in rally cars pretty much have some sort of restrictions. why do you think burns got discualified from one of the rallies when one of his engine parts was 1 pound or so lighter than the restrictions. these cars have restrictions, but companies have to work with what they have thats why do are pretty close in power and other aspects.
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    No, it's true that the cars lose hp on wheels but not that much (150hp!), they lose from 7hp to 15hp.
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    from where?
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    They're talking about the WRC..........NOT VIDEO GAME RALLY "SIMULATORS"...................................................

    geeze does the word dense pop into anybody else's mind?

    Oh, and don't forget Tarmac big guy <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Nice point but i hate to break this to you-asphalt. its the same as tarmac, only its spelt different.

    unless of course u were bein sarcastic, in which case yes, i agree.
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    But it was a double meaning, first to be sarcastic (in case he didn't know tarmac and ashphalt are similar), and second to inform him that he missed out on one form of rally. Although very similar, Tarmac and Ashphalt actually have slightly different compounds in them, so they are actually different, in surface texture, rigidity, wet traction, and I think that about sums up all the differences.
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    North American examples (since we rarely use Tarmac for roads) Airport runways are made out of Tarmac, our highways are made out of pavement. If runways were made out of ashphalt there would be a great deal of landing accidents at airports because ashphalt cannot handle friction as well and would become slick (from rubber) and deformed, also it would become deformed because under that kind of weight the pavement is malleable and will thus become indented irregularly which will result in bumpy landings and take-offs.

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