Bible: Fact or Fiction

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 84FordMan, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Reading something doesn't give you insight into whether it is true or not...
  2. I see a black book with a cruxifix on it called the bible. I have heard a few wild stories from it, based mainly on the reader's interpretation and probably exaggerated to some extent. I have not read the bible. However, I have a clear and definite opinion on it. I also have insight as to whether it is true or not.
  3. I know what you are saying, and yes, it's ridiculous for people who haven't read it to comment on its content.

    However, whether one believes it is true or not has nothing do with having read it.
  4. theres nothing exaggerated about a man claiming to be the son of God who walked on water and died and then came back to life.
  5. I did that twice last week alone.
  6. Well I'm not sure what to vote. For instance when they say that the earth is, what, 6000 years old obviously that was written because then man would find it hard to believe it's billions of years old, or maybe they didn't know. Other things they say are lies, others are facts etc
  7. Obviously, all of the Bible is meant to be taken literally, and the literary forms from 4000 years ago directly transliterate to those of today.
  8. I don't believe it. Has some good stuff people should fallow, but it's almost common sense.
  9. Erotica. You ever read the Song of Solomon? Ever read 2 Samuel?
  10. It's more legend than myth or fact.
  11. this thread is asking if the legend is true or false.
  12. Legends are fantastic stories grounded in historical truth.

    So what I'm saying is that while a believe a man called Jesus existed, and that the bible has a lot to tell us about quality of life in those days, I don't for a second believe he was anything more than just a man with outstanding oratory skills. I mean, Hitler managed to get a significant percentage of Germany's population believing in the bollocks he was talking...
  13. Im sure you know exactly what you're talking about
  14. i actually do.
  15. Sure
  16. so you're telling me that the bible doesnt say that Jesus claims to be the son of God and that he walked on water and that he died and came back to life 3 days later? you're a dumbass
  17. I know exactly what the Bible says. I just don't go round claiming any of it is an exaggeration, since I don't actually know that. You obviously do, so it's ok
  18. just like you dont know that God isnt a spaghetti monster.

    when you enter the realm of acting smug because someone else cant disprove something that exists in the realm of fantasy, it says something about you. this is no different. it says in some book thats centuries old that some guy performed miracles and im stupid for denying that it happened? please.

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