Biggest Dissapintment

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by mrz28camarostud, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. For an american attempt at a sporty compact?
  2. The Z24 Cavalier, because the Cougar/Contour was successful, as was the Escort GT and Neon (ACR more than the RT).
  3. I had a cougar. I had my ass handed to me by a Civic Si.
  4. Because you can't drive for shit.
  5. No the cougar is just a slouch. It tested a 15.7 in quarter mile time. With the duratec 24v 2.5 V6. Very dissapointing. The car had no balls.
  6. Because the 1st gear was completely wrong for the car. In addition Ford held back on the power because they intended to release the 195hp Cougar S but at the last minute stopped to push the Focus instead.

    From a roll the Cougar pulls much harder and faster than the Civic Si. This is especially evident above 30mph.
  7. I thought the Cougar S was pretty nice looking with the hood scoop. It's a shame they didn't bring it out. Then again my cougar spent alot of time in the shop. Faulty charging system.
  8. You must have had a 99-00 car. The car had three problems:
    The alternator
    Fuel Pump
    Sun roof

    All were related to the 99 and in part some of the 00 cars. By 2001 they had fixed all but the sun roof. And the sun roof was fixed in 2002 when the sun roof tracks were replaced with metal ones over the old plastics.
  9. The Z24 cavalier is a piece. The Cougar was pretty fun with the 5-speed, and the Escort GT is really, really fun.
  10. Very good it was a 2000.
  11. the original 2.8 Z24 was especialy lame
    my friend loved his though
    though he kept hitting things with it
    it also had the worst rims ever, kinda square pattern
  12. All J-bodies suck!!!!!! It's the only car GM did did a good job getting rid of.
  13. Your spelling is the biggest "Dissapintment".
  14. yes
  15. z24 because it was horribly designed, not quick at acceleration and handling according to some owners was average.
  16. The Cavalier has been the worst domestic car made for a long, long time. I just cannot figure out why so many still get bought...
  17. I was gonna vote for the cav. but there was an Escort in there and boy do they have shitty transmissions. At least the automatic ones.
  18. The Z24 was very sucessful. I want to say...escort.
  19. Escort, if you're gonna say any are a pos the Neon should be at the top of the list.
  20. Because they're cheap, cheap, cheap.
  21. An economical economy car is a failure? also note the very good price.

    Just because it doesn't or hasn't ran a 14.0 quarter mile time, doesn't mean it's a failure.
  22. I'd hit a Sunfire.

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