Black cars with black rims

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Lfb, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. can somebody please post more pics of that matte black 550 marranello?
  2. That 360 looks mean!
  3. some i have
  4. My comp is being crappy right now, or I would post it...

    but you guys suck for not posting a Buick GNX by now. I mean its one of the only, perhaps the only car that actually came only Black with only black rims!!!!!!!!!
  5. here is a good one! cls lorinser!
  6. That's an amazing looking Murcie, love those wheels
  7. DAAAAAMN Z8 IS NIIIIICCCCEEE!!! That is just raw sex...
  8. That 360 doesnt have black rims..
  9. That pic would have become my new desktop if not for the small resolution...
  10. black on black porsches are awsome
  11. That Hamann is soo dam nice
  12. Yeah, def. one of my favorite looks. Especially on FDs.
  13. I hate that 360
  14. "Batman" (the second photo), as I believe he goes (or went) by on the RX-7 forums, is the car that made me fall in love with black on black about six or so years ago. I've grown to love it even more since then (as you can see from the wheels I bought for the black car I'm building, thread in modified forum).

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