Blitz GTR vs Porsche Gemballa 650

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    that was a NSX S-Zero Vs the slowest 993 porsche made, that was a dumb race, i have the video too, the 2nd fastest NSx vs the slowest 993 porsche, next time, try to compair the best NSx vs the best 911, and the 911 wins every time.
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    pretty sure the name of that video is 996 the king? so i would assume that the porsche in there is a 996. the gemballa would probably beat this car.

    in reference to the guy above who said that hthe supra can handle 550 on bone stock internals. you mean with the stock fuel injecotrs in shiet? cuz block internals means pistons, connecting rods,....etc. in that case the skyline and supra motor can handle about the same. i'd think it be in the 700 hp range. there are guys who have 1000 hp supras and skylines on bone stock internals. (althought at this point you might want to invest in some titanium parts....)

    anyways the stock gt-2 and gt-3 beat a 750 hp supra on nurburging. the skyline at hte end of the day is a rather bulky car and not as nimble as the precision sports cars that porsche makes. gemballa only furthers the crazy performance that porsches are innately blessed with. gemballa definetly.
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    I have heard it said (but i'm inclined to disagree) that a modified R34 GT-R actually still holds the unbeaten unofficial world record set at the nurburgring in 1999. It wasn't officially timed and there was some upset with rules. The car set 5 track records in japan and was run twice on nurburgring and now sits in a museum in japan.

    I have a journalist friend who's been to japan and stood next to the very car, its a black R34 GT-R and there are a few pictures of it around the net. I can't seem to find out anything else about it, not even what the actual time was, I have some idea but I wont speculate. I do think that gemballa has probably beaten that time now, though some think not.
    Stock block and valve head - modified of course.
    The car surposedly hasn't run at full power yet, but is unofficially setting GT-R records.

    From a engineering point of view the RB26DETT is so good because it is close to the perfect motor configuration. A straight six is perfectly balanced with a smooth one power stroke per 170 degrees of crankshaft rotation. For sheer airflow for layout and size it is the best (hence BMW's use of the I6).
    The stroke is 17% shorter than bore at 73.5mm (although the bore is a common 86mm) this gives a good ratio of cylinder displacement to port surface area for high revs but still keeping the motor compact.
    The intake and exhaust valve opening sequence overlaps, as doesn't happen with four cylinders in a row. This means smooth exhaust with minimal exhaust pulsing. (why single turbo inline sixes make BIG horsepower).
    The engine bay is big and wide with lots of room for giant turbos :D. The inlet plenum, as standard, has a race-car like six straight runners and throttle bodies going into the engine, the engine is even tilted 15 degrees to the left which allows for more room for the intake (on the right).
    The head is like that out of a motorcycle if you ever get to see one. The block is thick cast iron. There are tough main bearings that will support 8500rpm +. Throw in some race-derived internals and you have one of the best engines ever made.
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    how obvious <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    the last record i heard at nurburging was set by a techart porsche in its battle with gemballa. i dont know if the newer 750 evo has been tested at nurburging, but i'm sure it would regain teh title given that it has almost 850 hp at the crank and is one of the most extensively tuned porsches of all time.

    i've always wondered, why isn't the skyline's engine set longitudinal. doesn't that offer better balance of some sort?

    the one thing better than a skyline?
    a silvia with a skyline engine!
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    the supra can handle about 900 on stock internals, the skyline 600-700hp. the 300zx VG30DETT is a horrible engine. they say if you own one of these without blowing it up, you arne't driving it hard enough
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    i would pick skyline cuz it looks better and its faster and its more popular on the streets then porsche but would f*ck this up on racetrack ...
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    the skyline's weight is almost identical to the porsches, so no, the skyline is not any bulkier than the porsche. having driven a turbo (not a GT2) it is a fair bit better than a GTR, but it is also a fair bit more expensive (actually a lot more)

    for the price difference, the GTR wins.

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