blow the diff in my VY

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by doyle, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. i just blow the diff in my VY SS, my tyres were getting bald so i decided to do something i had never seen before. I was going to do a burn out to the rim. after about a minutes worth the diff blow. could not believe it. It will be fixed for nothing but still i could not believe. As if it blow that fast.

    I will post pics soon
  2. The use of past/present/future tense is clearly beyond your supreme intelect.
  3. umm think about that then apologise
  4. why not just get a new vz from your papa
  5. How will it be fixed for nothing?

    And why would you do a burn out to the rim, with 18 inch wheels, that are worth so much?
  6. Suck shit thats all I can say.
  7. #$%#you talk a lot of shit
  8. i just blow the diff?
    i just blew the diff.......*

    how old are you?
  9. This whole thread blows.
  10. Still quite uncorrect!@
  11. Apparantly he thinks he can get the diff replaced for free under waranty. Hey doyle, if you go to your Holden dealership with two bald rear tyres and rubber on your guards they will give you two free tyres aswell as replacing the diff. Honest <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. haha he even lies about being stupid.. it's almost ... believable!
  13. haha!!!!!!!
  14. *Apparently*, his Dad owns the dealership.
  15. Hrmmmmm is that so? I mean, is that what he has claimed? I seem to have missed quite a bit in my absense. I certainly havn't seen doyle post before.
  16. This doyle chap has claimed many things. Most people don't believe anything he says, which is far enough.
  17. You would get the diff replaced under warranty if you didnt have rubber on the guards and inconsistent tyre wear.
  18. Hes too stupid to realise that anyway, he would probably actually tell them that he was dowing burnouts, and for some reason his diff "blow"?
  19. Yeah I know. I was answering someone who was querying how he would get it done for free. The reason I said apprantly he think he can get it for free was because, like Supraman said below, he would be too stupid to realise that and WOULD go in with bald tyres and rubber under the guards and prout about he his diff "blow" 'cos he was doing burnouts.
  20. the Diff will be replaced for nothing because of my association with Holden. I had all ready crunched one of the front mags and i had four new mags with brand new tyres all ready lined up. and on top of that once it is fixed i am going to sell it. I want to by an astra turbo and mod it.
  21. so, uh.............wheres the pics??

    and um...........why are you putting new mags and tyres on BEFORE you sell it??
  22. You really are a stupid ass #$%#.
    You have #$%# all association with Holdan, even if your daddy does run a dearlership. What is he, the dealer princaple? They still have to pay to get their #$%#ing cars fixed.
    I dont see why you feel the need to bullshit so much.
  23. i thought it was proved that your dad was the used car salesman. your a dick!

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