blow the diff in my VY

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by doyle, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. i sent him an email a while ago, but i havent got a reply yet.
  2. So the 'boys' will happily lose their job over missing parts, so some punk ass little whiny #%!@ boy can have free parts?

    For the 60th time, you're full of shit.

    Now post some photos. And while you have the digital camera out, take some photos of your S14. No, not an S13, an S14.
  3. A BOV on an Astra turbo? Holy shit you're a r1cer.
  4. hey, stop baggin out wogs, alrite
  5. think about it, who desides how the diff was blown. The mechanics i wonder what they are going to say.
  6. An astra over an SS?? That's the stupidist thing ive heard all week.
  7. The mechanics aren't going to say anything, because you didn't blow the imaginary diff in your imaginary SS.
  8. I wish wogs wouldn't act so stupid. I'm a "wog" and I'm not as stupid as most wogs portray themselves as. On the topic of stupid, I think this doyle bloke is having us all on. Theres no way someone can be this stupid. The way he types, it's almost fake! Nice try doyle.
  9. We want proof.

    Okay, apart from the main road, wahts the nearest street to the dealer.
  10. All that proves is that he's driven past there before.
  11. and if he doesent know???
    Honestly, do you look at street signs as you cruise down a four laner.

    OK, how about doyle finding one of his cars, and photographing him in front of it.
  12. Your being stereotypical saying that. Im a Wog and I don't act stupid. It's shows like Fat Pizza that make Wogs look like that but seriously thats only a minority.

    By the way I refer to myself as Australian with an Italian background so i don't call myself a Wog.
  13. go watch Today Tonight, they're doing an aritcle on it.
  14. carlisle place main north road. And if any of you have every been in an astra turbo not your crappy little astra's you would now what i am going on about
  15. wheres the photo's of your VY SS and you. wheres your proof of your dads ownership of Plaza.
  16. If you intend on modifying a Holden, don't look past an LS1.
  17. Traction control cannot be turned off in Astras.
  18. were is the proof that your a man where is the proof that your a human. Think about what your saying wanker.Photos of the burn out will be posted nexted week. They werew can with my friends cam and i need to get them off him
  19. I eat Astra and Astra Turbo's for breakfast.
  20. Look out...he can beat normal Astras <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  21. idiots i am not going to leave it stock, i have plans to bring in piles of parts from europe for it, but i want to for a little bit more for the rice facter. My new fian'ce needs a new car so in a couple of years she can have it and i will buy somthing else
  22. Even before the turbo spools!
  23. What ya done to your car? Do you know its output or 1/4 mile times?
  24. again no understanding
  25. What are you going to do to an astra anyway?

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