BM - CLS600, M5, M3CSL, Skyline GTR etc

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  1. Yes, in the time attack the Gallardo was as fast as the GT-R. BUT, in this race, the GT-R didn't use the semi-slick optional tires. It used Bridgestones that were just the same as the ones used by the M5.
  2. Thats what I thought also.

    Secondly (inresponse to DTA) the "track tuned" suspension is the same for all Z-Tunes. Just like an F50 or Carrera GT. It still is designed as an everyday street car, watch the "Nismo Beast Unleashed" BM shows that the car behaves well on easy crusing in Japan streets... probably no where near as harsh as an F50 though.
  3. there was no CGT or F50 in the race.there was a gallardo that was on street radials and nearly got the also had street tires but there is still a difference in performance between the 2 tires type.
  4. yes,but the Z-tune had a tire advantage compared to the gallardo.

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