BM - LP560 vs GT-R vs Scuderia vs GT2

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  2. The sentence below mentions the final result so SPOILER WARNING...........

    Even though the gtr did not win I cant help but predict whinning. Track was slightly wet thought so it was a day for the 4wd cars.
  3. Scuderia was impressive. Its overtook 3 cars in 3 laps and was closing in.
  4. lost to a 70k dollar car that weighs nearly 2 tons. 2 of the three cars it passed were cars it was designed to be better than.

    I don't mean to marginalize the scud's performance, he did some great driving and took down a car I didn't expect his car to be able to. I'd be really impressed with it, but with the GTR really smears it's sheen.

    But yeah, I'd have loved to see how it would have played out with 2 or 3 more laps.
  5. It didnt lose to the GTR. Those races are somewhat ridiculous. How can you expect a car to pass 5 cars on 3 laps on a small track ?

    As i undertand, BM does reverse grid starts, meaning the Scuderia posted the fastest qualification time. I am not sure how true this info is though.
  6. Yeah, BM does reverse starts.

    And the GT2 kept up pretty well with the Scud in the end.
  7. the AWD won this. under these conditions they were better. though we already know what with enough laps and dry conditions the GT2 and F430S would rein supreme.
  8. so if I ever want lambos and GTR's to beat ferrari's, I'll just breathe heavily on the track and cover it with a faint layer of condensation.

    thanks for the tip.
  9. The LP560 is so awesome
  10. Scud is still the overall best car out of them all
  11. i believe so too, it's a very focused car with no nonsense features. its just.....perfect.
  12. Scud best OVERALL? dont think so
  13. hahahah

    AWD ownage off the line. And that 355 downshift and crackle backfire or whatever it is sounds amazing
  14. seems like they always have a n00b driving the Porsches..... it was the same case with the 997 turbo and 996 turbos in older vids
  15. Wet conditions or not, how the hell is a brand new 430 Scuderia only .147 seconds faster than a 14 year old 355 Challenge on its best lap? And it seems that every time they do this sort of thing, a Porsche ends up last or somewhere at the back of the line.
  16. The 355 Challange was a RSD tuned model, same as the 360. They had the RSD 360 last time on Tsukuba also, where it beat the GT-R.
  17. what is RSD ?
  18. No idea, some japanese tuner i guess.
  19. Raging Super Dick?
  20. Raging small dick
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    the f50 is a horribly ugly car that make me feel like throwing up and the amount of power u get in an f50 is pathetic for a 5.7L V12 i mean come on the f50 only has like what 500hp that is just weak for a car with a 5.7L V12 for cryin out loud and the f40 is incredably buitifull and has a V8 with 483hp and that's somwhere around powerfull for a V8 and average for a V8 plus the f50 is around 200lb's hevier than the f40.and the f50 is only quicker round a track than an f40 because the f50 is more advanced.I just hate the f50 so much it's so ugly i mean i dont care if it's handalling is better than an F1 mclaren the f40 i just love it was the fastest car in the world when it first came out (there's alot of car's faster than it know) and the f40 is incredably buitifull and so light.and then there's the porsche 911 know that is incredably buitifull and it's alway's been the world's best sport's car with know sign of decline throw any generation of 911's the 911 has been around since 1963 and the porsche 911 is the benchmark of all sport's car's in any area of performance the 911 has the perfect combination of practical evry day use and all the track performance you could want about this video i watched on youtube the porsche 911 gt2 should have won i mean come on the 911 gt2 is the fastest 911 there is and that's saying something the RSD 355 ferrari and the RSD 360 modena ferrari where tested in this to so i dont think you should they should be testing stock car's against tuned car's as i see it as well kind of a disadvantage toward's the stock car's there are many great test track's in japan i see the tsubuka track as complete nonsense esspecially when you consider a 360cs goess around that track faster than a 997 911 gt2 to me that is just plain nonsence other than that i do like the track my resource for the tuskuba track is and then there is the motegi track know that track is good and i like that track because they test alot of fast car's there and the video on youtube i just watched was incredably intersting infact it somewhat exite's me for lap time's on the motegi track you can allso visit the video fetured a car i love and a car i uterly hate the GTAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i mean come on dont you just feel like people are favoring the gtr in track test's so that people dont upset nissan with their manufactor claim nonsensce about the the GTR i mean nissan wont shut up and leave porsche alone with nissan braging about how the GTR is better than a 911 turbo that was earlyer this year or maybe last year when nissan claimed their R35 GTR did a lap of 7.38 at the 12mile long 73 corner nurburgring in germany all the GTR fan's well soorryy to tell you all thast the GTR's manufactor claim's about it's performance is manufactor claim bull crap.and know niussan retested the GTR and came up with more nonsensec about the GTR doing 7.29 at the nurburgring that's just evan more nonsence from nissan that i am sick of heck nissan barely know's the nurburgring any where near as well as porsche the porsche 911 gt2 doess 7.32 around the nurburgring and the gt2 is a track car made bye porsche and nissan barely know's the nurburgring any where near as good as porsche.I mean porsche hold's allmost all the lap record's around the nurburgring and allmost evry other track the i dont care how much technology the GTR has with it's computer systm and the AWD taking out all the driving fun nissan's are mostly boring family car's and when it come's to sp[ort's car's they barely know how to make em there very poor qaulity and know matter howq good the brake's know matter how much traction control their is or stabillity wieght is alway's going to hold your car back in performance esspecially around the track and in the corner's the GTR's acceleration i can belive but not the track performance it's all a load off senseless nonsence a car that wiegh's over 3800LBS has less than 500hp (480hp is powerfull for a car with a twin turbo V6 no doubt about it) is not going to do a sub 7.30 lap at the nurburgring.and io can deffinetly tell that in that motegi battle the scuderia and the GT2 both over 700LBS lighter than the GTR are catching up to the GTR and all of a ssuden tyhey let the GTR stay ahead it's all just plain ridiculous the ferrari 430 scuderia and the porsche 911 997 gt2 are both track focussed car's that could leave the GTR at the starting line.when porsche tested the GTR around the nurburgring the GTR could nt get with in 20sec's within their claimed lap of 7.29 porsche only recorded 7.54 in the nissan GTR R35 and the GTR is just so ugly eeeeehhhhhhh.i find it ridiculous that nissan offerded porsche driving lesson's that is just stupid because porsche has driver's that are superior to nissan's driver's and the driver's that porsche has know's the nurburgring a million time's better than nissan.and at the motegi track if a GTR R35 did a lap of 2.09 then how come a scuderia or a gt2 only could get 2.11 once again i find that plain nonsence and about the RSD 355 ferrari doing a lap of 2.10 and the RSD ferrari 360 modena only doing 2.12 how care's there tuned car's RSD might have done a better job of tuning the 355 rather than the 360 modena.any way i like many of these track's in japan the motegi is great it just challenge's ur drinving skill's so doess the tsubuka track in japan but i find it confusing the way they test their car's what with all the favoring other car's over lighter more powerfull car's but you have to remember having good brake's raction control stabillity AWD doess help your car in performance at the track when it come's to tricky 2nd and 3rd gear corner's and harder than look's high speed little turn corner's but overall speaking your car's wieght heavy or light is the most deadly effective thing about your car and the way your gear box handle's the power is allway's effective with flappy paddle F1 no clutch gear box it doesnt feel real and automatic and manuel and the crazy pointless computer systm in the GTR does nt feel right the 6speed manuel clutch gear box is alway's the best transmittion and their's automatic transmittion wich is stupid i mean chaning gear's for you to me that's just dumb we wanna feeel the gear shift's and semi auto matic i dont like that either.and iff a GTR got 2.11 at the motegi track then maybe if people dint favor the GTR over the scud and the GT2 so much ithink a 430 scud could get around 2.06 at the motegi or less and the porsche GT2 is a track car so if a good enogh driver tryed maybe well under 2.05.many track's in japan are great and i do like em but over all speaking my favorate track is the nurburgring watch that awsome video off the gt2 scud GTR and LP560 all battleing it out click here on i'd have to give that video on you tube 3/5 star's great video in my opinion.
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    Niggar off
  23. Lol, "Edited by robby hobby - Tue, Jan 13, 11:33 AM" ... why'd you even bother.
  24. lol at robby hobby username and post
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    if you ask me porsche and ferrari are outdoing em selve's
    porsche gt2 faster than carrera GT (most people favor the carrer GT over the gt2 in many test's) gt2 doess 1.19.5 @ top gear track and the carrera gt doess 1.19.7 @ top gear track my resource for that is and the ferrari 430 scuderia doess 1.23.9 @ the fiorano circuit and the ferrari enzo doess 1.24.9 @ fiorano circuit my resource for this is

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