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    BMW’s future: M10, 555, and Progressive Activity Sedan...

    BMW has registered three new trademarks, that will give us clues about the BMW’s future plans. This are: M10, 555, and Progressive Activity Sedan.

    About a M1 (the BMW’s supercar built between 1978 and 1981) successor you have heard before for sure. And now BMW offers it’s official name: M10. It will be a front-engined model powered by a a V12 engine derivative of the current V10 used in the M5 and M6. With powers between 420 hp and 550 hp, the M10 will be a direct competition for the Audi R8.

    The BMW 555 trademark was first registered on August 7, 2007. And if we were to believe the usual BMW numbering, the first digit of the number signifies the Series, in this case the BMW 5-Series and the following two digits say the engine capacity. So, the 555 will be a 5-series sedan powered by a 5.5 liter engine. But, when again, this are just speculations.

    About the last trademarks, the Progressive Activity Sedan there is nothing to tell for sure. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW unveiled the X6, "Sport Activity Coupe". So the "Progressive Activity Sedan" might refer to a e new sedan, maybe the production version of the CS Concept unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.


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