BMW 335 : 0-60 ?

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  1. I didn't know it was so freaking fast.
  2. isnt the equivilent twin turbo diesel only .5 second slower?
  3. whats the output of this car again?
  4. 0-60 i overrated, 0-120 is the only inresting
  5. 306hp
  6. the 335d goes from 0 to 60 in 6,1 sec
  7. C&D, RT = BS.
  8. The 3.9s run is peculiarly fast, especially for R&T. But what are they going to do, lie about it?

    The Euro mags have recorded 4.7s for both 997's (S and non-S). And considering they do their tests 2-up, the other figures are reasonable within variables of atmospheric and track conditions.
  9. Automobile has tested 2 of them on the dyno. They got (in rwhp):
    1st car - 276, 280, 280, 283
    2nd car - 282, 285, 287

    edmunds tested a press car as well as a customer's car, both on the same day.
    Customer car- 272
    Press - 279

    Using the lowest figure (the customer's car) and a reasonable 15% drivetrain loss, that's about 320 crank hp.

  10. RINGER!!!
  11. Only Ferraris are ringers, STFU
  12. That's well within the +/-5% tolerance used by many manufacturers.

    EDIT: And I mean within the tolerances of that press car.
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  14. You'd better believe it.
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  16. thats still pretty quick!
  17. More important is the quarter-mile time. It's basically exactly the same (time and trap) as the E46. The new M3 will probably get a 12.8 s quarter with 112 mph trap speed.
  18. they should give the new M3 the McF1 engine, that'll distance it from this

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