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  1. I know a girl called Gina and she is pretty, but that..!
  2. wtf <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  3. Shapeshifter wtf...
  4. That's pretty amazing!
  5. That is pretty damn cool
  6. WEIRD.

    It's alive...
  7. It's a study model they used as an influence for their designs YEARS AGO

    "De Gina Light Vision heeft het ontwerp van de Z4 beïnvloed (let op de ‘vouwen’ in de carrosserie), maar ook gaf dit studiemodel de ingenieurs inspiratie voor de ontwikkeling van het iDrive-systeem."

    --> it's years old!
  8. Iwant to see what it looks like without the skin.
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    then why does the bmw trailer

    have it unveiled today?

    surely the idrive study car was the z9 concept?
  10. Pretty #$%#ing cool concept. As ugly as a mangled tortoise, though.
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    BMW TV has a better explaination of the design intent and the purpose of the usage of a textile as a skin.

    Very innovatative idea to bring an old airplane wing skin construction and refresh it by bringing into the automotive industry.
  12. Just when you thought BMW was getting over Bangle.
  14. Coolest concept I have ever seen. Is it fire retardant, super durable, and stain resistant? Anyone think this might be production worthy?
  15. Wow, this is a fantastic concept. I'm loving the idea of using molding fabric as design function. Sure the design of this concept looks rough, but it can be molded and improved easily by the looks of things. Be nice for BMW to change it slightly and display a different design idea every year.
  16. i imagine it is all of those things. i showed this to a friend of mine and he reminded me of how people used to get their soft-top cabriolets slashed with knives when we were kids.
  17. hahaha yeah, that's why i'd never get a soft-top
  18. I'm a massive fanboy, but if you're a car person and you don't think that's cool, you're probably just as big a fanboy as me.

    edit: and bangle is just wonderful.
  19. in before (va)Gina.
  20. I had a girlfriend named Gina, she was stunning but also a whore ;_;
  21. Post nude pics.
  22. cause we know he has them.

    and this Gina is...interesting.
  23. thats awesome
  24. I seriously would if I hadn't smashed my previous cell phone.

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