BMW M3 CSL vs Jaguar XKR

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    where's the plastic...
    all i see is wood..
    DVD Screens
    and leather STANDARD
    no cheap push cloth seats in a Jaguar
    bmw of course...
    even Ford provide better driver confort.
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    What are you talking about?

    1: the Jag doesn't beat BMW at F-1, in fact they get raped in the ass by BMW.
    2: Yes, X-types have plastic interiors
    3: Being British has nothing to do with anything.
    4: Mustangs are average cars. Some are high performance, but not most.

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    "even Ford provide better driver confort."

    Thats all I have to say to point out your stupidity.

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    the FW24 is not british, its a joint venture between BMW and Williams. Williams chassis BMW engine. Its neither english or german. Williams doesn't have the money/expertise to build and race it's own F1 car, and neither does BMW. Name one car that williams builds on thier own. The reason these companies team up is because of cost and ease of knowlage gathering. Williams and BMW didn't even design a bunch of the stuff on the car, there are at least 10 companies working together on that car. Williams has teamed up with more than BMW for F1 in the past and likewise, BMW hasn't always been with williams.
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    i see the car dubbed as WilliamsF1, and not BMW F1.
    i could understand it being from UK and Germany.
    the FW24, isn't BMW... it's Williams and BMW
    i know that
    The link i sent you wasn't that for off, because it simply picks the country where most of the car originated from, which is from the UK.
    it isn't a pure BMW to go comparing stats with,
    and thank you for clearing that up
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    did I miss something or did someone say the FW24 was pure BMW? I sure didn't.
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    oh, not you... just someone else
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    Three letters, man: BMW. These cars are made to perform. I myself think that over the years, they've gotten to look less and less like Bimmers, but still, they could easily smoke a Vette (Apologies to Chevy fans everywhere)
    Jaguar XKR doesn't have an easy chance of beating this German bullet. It COULD win, but...
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    try to be less ignorant buddy.
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    obviously a stock XKR will have difficulties.
    an arden xkr would be a closer match.
    i'm still waiting for the official stats for the new jaguar-arden lightweight XK. but it'll be fairly impressive
    0-60 most American cars will beat a BMW.
    BMW strength in performance is its light weight and its handling.
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    Im a huge fan of Jaguar, but I'd WAY rather have this over an XKR.
    This car looks SINISTER even though it aint. 6 speed paddle shit sequential. And that paint is butter.

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    Jaguar-Arden XK - RS,
    i know admit was an unfair comparison.
    Granted, the RS would be Jaguar's lightweight model.
    it's $160,000 price tag, is well.... not very competitive.
    granted it's power rating seems to be, well...
    coming out of Germany, because Arden is Jaguar's Germany Dealership, which do fine tune Jaguars, and actually have a contract with Jaguar to work on cars in the world.
    developed the RS, the lighest XK model establish, and with the biggest factory engine, a 4.6L V8 SUpercharged engine.
    It's not the ford's 4.6, it's actually from a 4.2L AJ-V8 engine that got modified.
    the rating? 465kw. A roaring machine. Axle modification had to be done, due to the humongeous increase of power and torque.
    well that's why there is a huge tail in the back for the downforce.
    the regular XKA does 0-60 in 4.6, the new RS will be doing it for under 4.0
    Regardless, what BMW model did Jaguar had in mind to compete?
    Originally this one, through BMW production form of this, isn't the same as the prototype, have a very nice car for a good price. But it is the BMW Z8 which is left in the dust.

    Well, I just wanted to pass on this information to all of you.
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    Beated? What kind of grammar is that?
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    BMW rules and would kill a XKR on the track!!!!!!!!!!
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    i think i'll take the M3 CSL.
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    I will get the jag
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    I'm BMW through and through, though I'm not wilfully blind to the capabilities of other sports cars. I pootle around in a 318Ci convertible at home. Granted, not the most sporty of sports cars. But it's a 3 Series, the basis of the very capable M3, and the even more extreme M3 CSL. It only does 0 - 60mph in 9.2 seconds, but heck, does it matter if it's this much fun to drive? Here we have an M3 CSL that will do the sprint in 4.6secs, and will blast past 180 mph if it didnt have that damned speed limiter BMW put in all their cars.

    As for the XKR.. Well, British cars are unique. NOt only does the driving experience matter, but they want to cosset you in Conolly Leather (well, no anymore), and make you feel like it's your own personal living room. Make no mistake, the XK is a staggeringly capable car, a very fine example, along with the Aston Martin AM305 V8 Vantage, and the Rolls Royce Phantom, of British engineering and design. NOw before anyone says that the RR is more German than British, think of this. The Chief Engineer, Dr Ian Leverton, is British, as is the new RR CEO, Tony Gott, and the Head Designer, Ian Cameron.

    One important fact has to be realised. This comparision is wrong. Comparing a Grand Tourer and a trackday car? Sure, both have huge price tags, with the M3 CSL tipped to cost 49 thousand pounds, and the Jag alot more than that. BUt it is not fair to put one against the other. The M3 would blow it away on a track, the Jag would win on the motorway, in a traffic jam, and when it comes to toys. What do you get with the M3? little more than basic heater controls, a suede steering wheel, and a driving experience that can only be rivalled by a Porsche in it's price bracket. I wont start with the Jag's options list.

    Which one is better? Depends on your intentions. Want a trackday car as pure as they come from BMW Motorsport? Or the best of British motoring luxury? If it's the latter, get an RR. Best bit is, the RR's bankrolled by BMW. (= Cheers.
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    CSL due 2 acceleration and track performance

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