BMW M5 vs. Mercedes E 63 AMG

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    BMW M5 / Mercedes E 63 AMG

    achievement: 373 kW (507 PS) / 378 kW (514 PS)

    0-100 km/h: 4.7 s / 4.9 s

    Vmax: 250 km/h / 250 km/h

    100-0 km/h: 36.7 m / 38.6 m

    MSRP: 88.600 € / 95.468 €



    E 63 AMG wins with 510 out of 650 pts., the M5 come sonyl 2nd with 0503 out of 650 pts. due to the enormous power and torque of the 6.3-litres V8 engine even at low revs., so the better driveability and comfort of the Mercedes to which compared the M5 is much more sportier. The V10 engine has to kept at high revs to make all the power availbale, the suspension is more like a sports car than a limousine.

    your choice?
  2. the hell with the merc, i'd much rather have the M5
  4. I need to have more info on the E63 but I'd choose the mercedes. And thats sad <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  5. I'd take the CLS but not the E
  6. I'm gonna choose the Merc, though i really like the performance and the engine of the M5, i don't really like the rest of it.
    Allthough i still find it a pity that Mercedes didn't put a Supercharged V8 in there.
  7. AMG for me, but a CLS.
  9. I have tried the M5 and its an amazing car and real fun. Easy choice.
  10. M5. It's not a hard choice. Not even barely.
  11. BMW M5 handsdown eventhough I like the new 6.3 AMG engine.
  12. The Merc is a much better car
  14. AMG always wins, the M5 is lame and ugly
  15. I was once a massive BMW fanboy, but now im in love with Mercedes Benz and would choose one over a bimmer
  16. even over a Honda? with their impressive F1/Lemans domination?
  17. Huh
  19. no
  20. haha AMG never wins
  22. E63 AMG for me, more classy, also dont like the new M5 shape.
  23. if there was no account of the price, I would pick the AMG. But the price difference to me is too great for two cars so evenly matched in performance and overall build quality (though i would argue BMW's build quality is higher). So betweeen these two cars, even though i'm not a fan of bangle's styling, the M5 wins it for me.

    if it was between the M5 and the CLS AMG however...

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