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  1. hey everyone
    My parents are thinking of buying an x5. but from what I've read on the net, BMW has a serious problem with reliability and customer service. This car also has problems going in snow.. I was wondering what you guys think.. is this a car worth buying..?
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    BMWs are reliable at first but after several years they start to stuff up. Customer service is crappy.
    This is from my own experience with BMWs.(my parents had a few)
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    The better built a car gets, the less reliable it gets. It's a proven fact. Your saying right now, "that sounds like an oxy-moron", which it is. You see, the more intricate the parts in the car get, the more things there is for it to go wrong. Take a honda and a ferrari, your honda has really basic parts and very geometrical shapes in its parts to lower production costs and simplify the production. the ferrari on the other hand has computer generated parts which weigh as least as possible yet offer better performance, small hand machined parts, and various other parts, not to mention a lot lot more parts. Therefore the ferrari having a lot more parts, there are a lot more things to go wrong.

    So it isnt exactly that its unreliable, its that its well engineered. I have and x5 and an M3, well i have the m3, my rents have the x5, and you have to service the cars a lot. my aunt has an accord, the most she does to it is change a tire. But let me tell you, you'd rather work on your car for an hour with a bmw than drive and accord.
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    BMW are reliable if you keep them maintained. All newer BMWs require less maintainence than older ones. But the X5 isnt the best. I rather have a 530i 5 speed or a 330Ci. The X5 is whacky looking. Also it has cheap plastic bits that break easily.
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    Thats the same with a lot of european cars. My dad has a Vovlo S40 T4 now and every time he gets it serviced at the volvo dealer it costs $1000 australian.
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    BMWs are reliable.
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    I cant say that confidently.
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    i agree, the more gadgetry, the more service.
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    BMWs are pretty reliable... we've got an E38 740iL and it's so far been pretty reliable. Just need to keep it well maintained, and you should have no problem. Although argueable, BMW's customer service isn't the best. If you're worried about those two things though, you really should be looking at Lexus. They never seem to break down, no matter what you do to them.
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    if u check the reliability in the us and europe bmw or any german car for that matter is the most reliable. its here in the U.S. were the stupid #$%#s working on them dont know what the #$%# they are doing. bmw a couple years back had some of there cars assebled hear and in germany the ones assebled hear had all kinds of shit wrong the ones in germany were fine. I think there new plant in spartenburg is a good idea though there they can teach people themselves.
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    If you're looking for ultra-reliability, nothing beats a Lexus. Considered a GX470 yet?
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    I used to have an X5 4.4 that I leased from a local dealer. I needed to bring the car in almost every other month to be fixed. The main probablem was with the electronics. Lights would stop working temporarily, the speedometer would show the wrong speed! once the electronic limiter for top speed thought the car was going 155 mph when it was parked and I couldn't put the car into gear! It is a really fun car to drive though, when it is working that is...but not good enough for me to keep it when the lease was over!
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    I am thinking to buy an X5.

    My impression that the reliability of BMW has improved a lot over the years. Opposite to Mercides where they used to run better. It takes a lot for people to change their impression about some thing that is like taken for granted.

    I do not find in this thread sufficient information to help me make up my mind.

    Usulay proud car owners do not want to express their experiance?
    Do we have brave X5 owners on this site? Or maybe the X5 is very reliable.

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    You thing BMW customer service is crap, try MB then! I rember reading "What car" magazine a few months ago and it had a reliablity test of all major car manufactures. Heres a link to what it says about the german cars and its not as good as most people think! (btw sorry about my spelling)
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    i don't know for a fact since i've never owned a BMW (i'd rather get an older american muscle car) but anyway
    i think it would be like just any other car how as long as you take care of it don't treat it like shit and keep it well mantainedit should be fine
    but repairs and all that will cost more just because it's a BMW
    i got a caddilac too that cost about twice as much to repair anything than any other american car
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    Couldn't agree more... just keep it well maintained and ANY vehicle, even a Mercedes shouldn't have too many breakdowns.

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