BMW, The poor mans Mercedes

Discussion in '2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG' started by benzv8, Jul 5, 2003.

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    Instead of going and listening to magazine articles, why don't you ask people who actually own the vehicles. I own the 2001 476 bhp SL55 ///AMG and i haven't gotten an error to date. it is running as smoothly as ever. my uncle first bought a C180 and i have to say that it was a bunch of crap. But the thing is that the model was Indian make (they import part by part and assemble the car here) and they aren't really efficient. Now he bought the S500L (completely international built unit) and it has given no problems since last June. That shows that atleast the cars which are there in the European market are very reliable. Also my dads sister she bought an E240(indian-assembled), in June and added a Lorinser body kit to it. I know that it hasn't been a really long time now for that car but yet it has given absolutely no error. Atleast one Indian make is stable for Mercedes.

    Also i see no problems in BMW. My dad likes SUV's and so he bought the X5 once but it gave us a lotta problems. but it all depends from car to car/owner to owner. Now we have the Porshe Cayenne which has given only one error where the lamp in the headlight got a bit loose and so it couldn't be switched on but that is besides the point
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    Now now be nice. Mercedes is more luxury oriented than the BMW. Im not saying either one is bad, but I'd rather buy a lower end BMW (325i) than a lower end Merc. But, I'd rather buy an upper end Merc (SL500) over a Bimmer anyday. See what im getting at? Each have their benefits over eachother. (By the way Bimmer's are just as epensive).
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    I think BMW's make excellent cars for their price, not as pricey as a mercedes and still very well built cars, however when your income gets a bit higher to the range of a Merc, well lets just say i'd get one... theres a few BMW's though that i love, like the 810, the rare ones, etc. By no means though would i not love to have a bimmer, its just the merc is one step higher. Personally i think mercedes is the ultimate car, you've got power, comfort, everything! What MORE could you want, seriously. As far as the best combination overall, what could possibly do better than a mercedes, considering price as well.
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    One thing i don't understand is that why in the hell don't people criticize Ferrari and other high-end companys for not making manuals and using Paddle-Shift transmissions. I know its different than what is used in the Merc but hey just face it : they don't have clutches and they don't have a stick-shift. Same as a Merc so why aren't you'll cribbing about that
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    Mercedes definately are not unreliable. My friend has a c-class and it has never broke down and what are you on about saying that you will need extra money for another car when the merc breaks down, when he took it in for a service he was given a e-class to use while his car was being serviced. so don't give bulls**t about that!

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