BMW tops reliability poll

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    BMWs have been rated the most reliable bikes on the road by owners taking part in a 10,000-rider survey for RiDE magazine.

    Owners of the German bikes gave them an average score of 90% for reliability - a hefty 27% ahead of the lowest scoring firm to register - the now-gone-bust British firm CCM.

    Honda ran BMW closest, gaining an 89.2% score.

    Here's how the top 15 stacks up:

    1. BMW (90%)
    2. Honda (89.2%)
    3. Yamaha (85.5%)
    4. Triumph (84%)
    5. Suzuki (83.2%)
    6. Kawasaki (82.8%)
    7. MZ (81.3%)
    8. Harley-Davidson (80.1%)
    9. Aprilia (77.1%)
    10. KTM (74%)
    11. Buell (72.2%)
    12. Cagiva (70.5%)
    13. Ducati (69.1%)
    14. Moto Guzzi (68.8%)
    15. CCM (63.8%)

    Ducati = Sh*t! Passion at the expense of the damn thing actually running...
  2. Passion:

    1. Ducati
  3. the NEW ducati's are much much much much more reliable.

    And BMW cheat, cause they use shaft drive. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  4. BMW = Really good.

    Duke = Awesome sound.
  5. I wish BMW bikes looks nicer.
  6. not enough passion?

    seriously, BMWs look horrible. they make nice bikes but they look like crap.
  7. I'm afraid I agree.
  8. i agree with u. they really look horrible
  9. Go Honda.
  10. I like the Rockster, if only because it's SUPPOSED to look ugly. Unfortinately thr rest of the range does suck styling wise, doubly-unfortunately in the case of the otherwise awsome K1200S...
  11. Triumph did well. and their bikes actually look good too.
  12. 98 VTR1000 with something like 99000 miles on it, so I can vouch for Hondas' reliablity, kinda surprised Harley was rated as high as they were though...
  13. That IS a new Ducati you dumbass. You keep preaching that bullshit but the numbers don't support it.
  14. you raelly are a #$%#en retard. You just spout giberish and make no sense whatsoever.

    What IS the new ducati?

    where does it say NEW ducati only. moron.

    "10,000-rider survey for RiDE magazine."

    where does it say NEW anything.

    You say I'm preaching bullshit. Yet you just state your dumbass opinion with no backup whatsoever and just ignore anything I point out. You dont even read what I post so I dont know how you can have an opinion on it.
  15. I've already read the issue assface. Barnes & Noble in the US carries UK motoring magazines.

    Ducati is over priced, over rated, and unrelablity Italian crap for morons with more money than sense.
  16. There is serisouly something wrong with you.

    Previously you said that jap bikes are unreliable and couldnt manage more then 3 or 6,000 miles in some magazine test. and ducatis are worse.

    I said The new ducati's are shitloads more reliable then they used to be after some americans invested int he company. Build quality and relability are hugely improved.

    and you just keep spouting idiotic shit.

    So you've read the issue?

    So this was a survey of 10,000 riders who only owned new model bikes or just a general survey?

    Because all I stated was that new Ducati's are much much more reliable and better built then they used to be.
  17. who is MZ - do they mean MV. and i like the new k1200S - it looks cool. also u must ake into account these are opinions, not absolute fact. the person that spends 20,000 pounds on a 999R expects absolute perfection, a person who spends 7,000 pounds on a fireblade wouldn't expect that same level of perfection if u get what i mean.and BMWs are obviously going to be pretty reliable due to shaft drive and the fact they rev lower compared to the japs meaning less load on the conrods even taking into account the longer stroke. also cruisers are always going to be at an advantage as they are driven not as hard so less companies which sells a high number of cruisers - like harley, BMW, and honda are going to be at a reliability advantage to solely sportbike companies - like ducati or MV agusta.

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