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  1. Re: nice car

    One of the most sexys cars in the world.
  2. Re: ITS UGLy

    You don't know what your are talking about.
  3. Re: Mr Mercedes

    Tha's correct
  4. Re: ITS UGLy

    This car is NOT ugly!
    It's a real beauty, when you look better at it.
  5. Re: Very Fast

    Indeed pretty fast considering it hasn't much hp's.
  6. Re: Very Fast

    WEll it has much HP, FOR 1914!!!!
  7. Re: Very Fast

    Another great Mercedes engine this car has.
  8. Re: nice car

    What a fantastic piece of machinery. Simplistic beauty and speed, what more can one want? Plus, if anyone thinks this car is slow, they should try driving it. I bet this thing is a more harrowing experience at 100 mph then a McLaren is at twice that.
  9. Re: Very Fast

    It still is fast today, I can think of plenty of cars taht can't do 115 mph even today.
  10. Re: Mr Mercedes

    Funny, this Benz would still smoke your Mazda
  11. Re: Very Fast

    Thats a pretty fast car for back then. Although I dont like Mercedes as far as racing goes, I will for sure tip my hat to them there.
  12. Pretty fast for a 1914 car.....

    this is as fast as a stock civic!!!
  13. Re: Very Fast

    Well it has 4 valves per cyl and thats pretty impressive for 1914 id say, must be one of the first
  14. Isnt it wierd that.......

    ...the hp is the same as the top speed?
  15. Re: Very Fast

    For the time is totally awesome. Try to reach 115mph in a hyundai accent.
    I bet my ass this is one of the fastest cars for the time.
  16. Re: Very Fast
  17. Re: Very Fast
  18. Re: Very Fast

    Whanna bet?
    I can name at least 3 faster cars
  19. Look at the second picture

    Why everybody is wearing a hat? Why there are so much policemen around the cars? How many of this men are going to vote for Adolf Hitler few years later?
  20. Re: Look at the second picture

    In the old days, those sorts of hats were the fashion. They
  21. Re: Isnt it wierd that.......

    thats extremely wierd.......
  22. Re: Look at the second picture

    Certainly not today.

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