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  1. I have decided to do some body mods to my car now the question is which one. The car as you probably know is a 1992 Skyline GTs-T.

    Kit 1 : Do luck kit(no wing)

    Kit 2 : Origin Drift Style kit

    Kit 3 : GTR Conversion(Front bumper, grill and hood)

    To follow these products I will be getting 16 way coilovers, rims, intake and intercooler.
  2. For ref. this is how my car looks right now.

    The front wheels are the ones I will be getting. Rough photo shop.
  3. Car looks great now..

    Save yo money.
  4. I really like those Origin kits, but then you would have no choice but to SLAM it.
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    With this coilover set it wouldn't be to hard <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  6. GTR conversion looks the best, but I don't like the idea of getting a GTR conversion for your GTS-T. Same goes for WRX-STi, or Any BMW 3,5,6 to M3,M5,M6 Badge.
  7. Don't put a bodykit on it. Just get the coilovers.
  8. No bodykit. Bodykit's are for chumps.

    At the very most, GTR front.
  9. GT-R fronts look lol because the front will be low to the ground and the sides/rear will be considerably higher.
  10. 1 or 2, preferably 2.
  11. No body kit, just rims and coilovers. Trust me, youll regret that body kit in a hot minute.
  12. Always've been a Do-luck fan
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  14. No body kit
  15. me too, as long as the intercooler is enormous and fits nicely inside that black hole of a front bumper.
  16. do-luck. esp if you're not having a wing
  19. I would be getting a huge front mount intercooler to match the wide gap as well...

    Photoshop with the planned rims and body kit
  20. at least a 60mm drop too, i hope :p
  21. Refer to post #5. Besides that it should look good. I should be getting extended studs and spacers from 5mm-15mm depending on which will suit the car best.
  25. drop it, throw time attacks on that #%[email protected], and leave the rest to God or whomever

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