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  1. i'm talking real old vine style with huge dusty tannins. most of those california red blends are getting so light they're crossing the line into sweet.

    i can't do sweet brown liquors though, like how you and a few others were mentioning cognac. at most i can do some vanilla-strong bourbon.
  2. Have you ever had Nonino Grappa? I've been using it a bit in cocktails. Very nice.
  3. Bogle Old Vine Zin is my go to. Delicious.
  4. plenty of italians, croatians etc. love making homemade clear grappa here. all of it is rough tasting stuff, but strong. i've had some good grappa though, really smooth. one of the better spirits i've had.
  5. Having a beer night.

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  6. damn you and your access to delerium
  7. haha. its pretty good yeah
  8. is that hard for you to get? we always have it stocked
  9. had a bunch of tastings today at work, got to try some interesting new stuff. i've never had an orange wine before - it's basically a rose made with white wine (in this case it was traminer). it was very floral and herbal - though mostly on the nose.

    also had some nice blends, including a cab franc forward one and some very nice (and pricey) italian blends that wheelies would probably like.

    unfortunately it was three tastings in a row so after trying 15 or so wines you kinda forget which is which and you're just drunk
  10. in the province of Ontario they dont' allow it to be sold because our liquor is delt through the government. they claim the pink elephant is advertising to children. there are a handful of bars that sell it but you can't find it in bottles unless you go out of province to get it.
  11. meanwhile vodka is coming in flavors like candy bar, fruit loops and swedish fish. then there's the whole, pink elephant is a symbol for alcoholism. they really dropped the ball with that one
  12. not true , I got it at the beer store (in London) the other day

  13. mother #$%#er. I can't get it anywhere in the Niagara Region
  14. haha thats stupid.
  15. Yes I would drink all of those.

    Prices aren't bad either.

  16. Currently making home made orange tobacco bitters.

    gonna use it along with the cinnamon simple syrup i made for some funky old fashioneds
  17. yeah its pretty cheap. i always get my beers at the same store. they have a lot of beer.
  18. I wish we got the good Leffes here. I was amazed how many there were when I was in Brussels.
  19. I have a bottle of Sierra Nevada in the fridge that I keep forgetting about. I'll drink it when I get home from work toniht, i reckon
  20. it was good but I'm pretty sure it was super expensive so your bank account thanks you.
  21. it is but I'm alright with that. there is a bar about 35 minutes away from me that has it on tap. whenever I visit anywhere else in the country I generally pick up quite a bit of it to bring back.
  22. 2009 silver palm chard. hadn't turned yet but was/is probably close. overall a solid chard, light oak, didn't taste much butter.

    also had some duckpin pale ale last night. awesome beer. fresh citrus hops
  23. Which one? I'd be shocked if any of their hoppy beers are any good by the time they'd reach the UK, let alone if left to sit. Their Hefeweizen is quite good though.
  24. We have a cabinet full of alcohol that we havent touched in a couple of years... I did have some Bacardi/Ginger Beer the other day at a bbq though.

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