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  1. Who won between stevie ray and NIN?
  2. it was 50/50, I bumped it
  3. K.
  4. My predictions.

    ***NOTE, I'm sure there not remotely close to what will actually happen.
  5. another update
  6. Are all 32 polls up? So we can move onto the next round soonish?!?! I'm so excited, lol.
  7. yes yes yes, then the whole circus moves to general chat lol
  8. Can't wait, lolz!
  9. How much time till these close by the way?
  10. I was personally thinking of 25-30 votes for each, whenever a batch comes that close, I just shut them the #$%# down.
  11. K. When will the new threads be up?
  12. When this whole round is over lol
  13. Which will be when olol
  14. no idiarrhea
  15. hahaha
  16. and another 8 polls closed =)
  17. Lol @ you letting both Floyd and Zepp go.
  18. Alright, it's time to conquer general chat.

    I'll keep this sticky until the entire thing is over, and cross my fingers my forum would turn back to normal asap =) All polls are closed now, so don't hesitate to bump whatever you like in here.
  19. Well, actually I thought of throwing in a battle of the cars, but then I realized no one cares about cars here lol =P
  20. Lol.

    And yay for gen chat.
  21. When are the next 4 up?
  22. The previous 4 hardly got votes.. but I'll just let them slowly disappear to I could post the next bunch tomorrow.
  23. Mod me?
  24. lol. put the next four up please

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