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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Panzer, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Nano. 2nd gen, blue. $100. 4gb.

    Busy uploading now. This is my work mp3 player, till I buy a better brand for home use. I don't care if this gets beat up at work, its a ipod and it was cheap.

    Who has Nanos?
  2. wots nanos
  3. dunnos.u?
  4. Trade for my Civic hatch? No engine
  5. I dont buy azian. sworry.
  6. I'm getting an 80gb for free
  7. 1978 transformer chevy camaro that can do all sorts of shit?
  8. 4GB, lol, my 30GB Zen is filled. I'm gonna hold out 'til Christmas before I upgrade.
  9. Great little things, Ive got the 8 GB, what do you mean Until I get a better brand ?
  10. This is for work. If I get anything bigger it will be too thick to be comfortable and if I get something with a bigger screen it would most likely break. I had a 30Gb Zen and returned it since it would have most likely got busted and that was too much money to be wasted on a work player.
  11. I have a 4G Nano, after my 30 Gig video got stoled from my truck <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>

    Bought mine new for 100 also
  12. ive got a 4 gig (i think its 4, maybe its a 2) for free from my sis. It works well, esp now that ive gotten a few progs so i dont have to use it with shitty ass itunes.
  13. I can see why a thinner player would be preferable, but I don't see at all why it would be a necessity. I barely notice my player when it's in my shirt pocket. But it sounds like you listen on the job and that you work in construction or something. Still, I don't understand why the iPod is less likely to get busted than the Zen.
  14. I've put up with 4gb for ages now when I need a good 10x the space. But I prefer smaller players. Whenever I'm using anything with more songs on it I can never decide what to play. With 4gigs I just put on the music I want to for the next week or so and I'm set.
  15. 4 gigs is like 40-50 albums at V0 MP3. Unacceptable.
  16. Would you listen to 40-50 whole albums within the space of a week? Not to mention, if you really want to you can change a few out per night if you get tired of only having 50 albums to listen to in a day.
  17. I have original 4GB Nano and I love it more than something that I love lots.
  18. Whole albums, no. Various tracks from more than 50 albums, though, definitely. My friends hop in the car, I've no idea what they're gonna put on. In that situation, 40-50 albums is seriously restrictive. I'm always in the mood for shit I haven't heard in a while and I can't plan out a week in advance what I'm going to want to listen to. This is all not to mention I update my MP3 player less than once a month because I'm a lazy bastard.
  19. I have a 2gb nano that I keep in my car.
  20. iPods are shit, you made a bad investment.
  21. i have a 2nd gen 2gb. i like it. given a choice i would have gotten something else, but i got it for free from my bank when i opened an account so im not going to complain

    make sure to update the firmware otherwise its glitchy from time to time. i updated and have had no real problems save for this one time it said i was playing a completely different song, it was weird, i just clicked next and it was fine
  22. The whole friends choosing what to listen to in my car is the only time I really wish I had someting bigger. I personally hate looking through 30gigs of music when I don't know what to listen to.
  23. *an

    I used to have a 20 gig iPod, it was stolen and I never bought a new one. I don't want to shell out for the 80GB one, and I can't fit all my music onto anything smaller.
  24. i have a 1st gen 2gb one. i love it

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