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    Soon enough buying BP stock will be a hell of an investment.
  2. act of god
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    That has nothing to do with sales. You won't get a good picture until the 2nd quarter figures are published.
  5. Your little idealist world sure must be comfortable. Do you realise how many other things in the world are made from/with oil? Pretty much everything you buy will most probably be lining BP's pockets somewhere. People not buying their petrol from a BP station isn't going to give anyone working at BP HQ with the clout to do anything about this situation a hard time. There's so much more to BP's profit margins that consumer petroleum sales.

    If you really want to make a difference in holding BP responsible, lobby the government that gave BP the license to drill, and put the pressure on them to put BP's balls in a vice rather than listening to Rage Against the Machine and feeling really, really good about doing it.
  6. lol many bp stations are privately owned
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    Although it is, for me, good to know that, I'd like to know if there have been any declining trends at the actual sales at the gas station? Declining investment is one thing, declining sales is a whole different ball game.
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  9. No, I'm with you. They need to get reamed pretty hardcore for this. To the tune of a quarterly profit in, my opinion. This should not be taken lightly.

    But don't take it out on franchise owners. They're just hard working Americans.
  10. "It can cost up to $1 million a day to operate a deepwater rig, according to industry experts."

    Does anybody know how that money gets used? I can't even fathom it.
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  12. If they can find a way to burn $10k per day doing something as simple as managing ad words and search engine phrases, I'm sure they can spend 100x that per day on an oil rig.
  13. Bingo. People need to use their power to lobby someone who can actually stick it to "BP", and that would be the people who gave them the license to drill safely.

    Why start making a point at the bottom when it's just the same effort to go to the top?
  14. I'm just curious where it goes. I'm guessing salaries are only a small fraction.
  15. lol bp has lobbyists 2
  16. A quarter million in payroll alone. And then you have to feed and house them - power and water requirements of a small town. Helicopter operations, and the fleet of support vessels. The raw costs of drilling are probably a minority constituent.
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  19. Roughly how many people work/live on a rig that size?
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  21. I'm not in some denial, I know full well that petroleum is an essential part of production all along the market - plastics, textiles, medicines just to name a few.

    Unfortunately it is nearly impossible for me to know with any great detail the full production sources of my daily purchases in goods and services. However what I AM doing is, within reasonable limits, making my choices as a consumer count.

    You make it sound like their petrol sales arent totally significant, and that they have loads of other things to fall back on. Petrol sales is still the backbone of their business, and this is where consumers have the greatest power to make an impact. Now in case you've misinterpreted me, I don't want to see BP crash and burn like their oil rig. I do however want to see them get the necessary message, coming in the form of hurting them in the pocket, to encourage them to invest more in environmental safeguards for future drilling.

    And believe me, I will definitely be looking into lobbying the US government, and indeed my own, to put the necessary pressure on them. However, I consider myself a capitalist - so first and foremost my favoured method is to try to use the market itself as a way of changing society for the better.
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  24. Up to 300 on the rig itself (typically smaller), up to a hundred on support vessels / aircraft
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