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  1. Some other guy says its brakes are 60-0 in 127ft. and g's are .86. Thats bs, what are the real stats?
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    Well,I really want to knwo that,too!
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    so does me
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    the .86G and 127ft 60-0 are products of Road & Track test of an AmeriTech McLaren. AmeriTech modified the F1 so that it could be sold on US grounds. however the differences between the AmeriTech and European F1 include a RWHP decrease and an extra 300lbs. the European F1 would probably due better than the AmeriTech in handling/braking categories. already the differences between the two are apparent in acceleration. RT got 0-60 in 3.4 with an AmeriTech, Autocar got 3.2 and so on getting faster results than the AmeriTech in every acceleration increment.
  5. But once the McLaren was sold in the U.S., all of the modifications could be undone with the full support of McLaren. Most obvious example: Have you seen the Ameritech supplied headlamps? Have you seen any of the american owned McLarens with them still on it?
  6. those are for the AMERITECH McLaren F1, its performance numbers are also crappier. The European F1 was modified for it to be sold on US grounds...
  7. It pulls around 1.2g's
  8. It pulls around 1.2g's

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