Branko's Imperial Stout

Discussion in 'Wheelman's Website Forum' started by Wheelman, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. So I cracked open Branko's Imperial stout last night with a friend of mine who's also very big on premium beers. The verdict was instantaneous, and unanimous; Excellent. Branko's stout pours out black with a dark yellowish head, very similar to a McAuslan Oatmeal stout in appearance. The taste is typical of a proper stout; rich roasted malty flavour, chocolat, coffee, caramel, and nuts all in one. It's on the less sweet side. What really stood out about Branko's stout, however, was the strength. It truly hit the Imperial mark, seeming to be around the 6-7% range, maybe even higher. The alcohol presence was noticable, but actually pleasant, and carried well through the aftertaste. This was the most enjoyable of TimmyMcOwnsYou's beer thus far, and I want some more.
  2. I cant wait till I get mine in the mail.
  3. I found it's actually a fair bit more hoppy than the 8% Sinha stout I used for comparison, too. Drier, more hoppy bitterness, less caramely.
  4. Yeah, like I said, it's definitely on the un-sweet side of stoutness, and the hops measure was a quality I enjoyed. YOu might be on to something here....

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