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  1. Oh well
  2. i hope you stick around for the next few years, seems like youre the only person ive seen excited about it and id like to see your perspective on how things go down
    seems strange because it took a majority event to get here
  3. I try not to bother myself with anything globally. My local economy is in the shitter right now, that's enough bad news for me to worry about.
  4. haha yeah didn't expect that
  5. A few hundred billion pounds disappeared into thin air already
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    so Im reading about the consequences, and it seems like London will obviously no longer be the banking center of europe? and that it will move to france.
    seems like a pretty stupid thing to give up to keep brown people out of your country
    London will probably become a cheaper city to live in though thats cool

    cool stats pulled from reddit
    -The youngest generation/Millennials of 18-24 voted to remain by a nearly 3 in 4 margin
    -65+ voted to leave at rate of 60%
    -Of the 30 areas with the lowest amount of "graduates," 28 of them voted to leave
  7. Yeah, this helpless attitude is kind of weird to me, it's not like Switzerland (non-EU member, banking hotspot) is very affected by not being a member, unless somebody can tell me how I'm wrong here.
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  8. Difference is that the Swiss never were part of EU to begin with and have striked deals with the EU and other 3rd countries through time/decades. Same for Norway. Being a member though and getting out is completely different.
    Also, they still (Swiss, Norwegians) have to abide by EU laws regarding eg fishing quotas for example (leave campaigners outright lied about that).
    You Dutch better be smart about this and recognize how much leverage you have now versus the UK. For example, introduce similar corporate/labor laws as the UK and a lot of jobs can be exported from the UK straight to the Netherlands. Same for the French, Luxembourgish etc.
  9. Also, this media thing that tries to make exit-voters seem like racists and xenophobes is just the same tiresome old story. I mean, right now there are talks about letting Turkey become a member. Are we supposed to become excited about this or something? And how the UK deals with its foreign policies is now, finally, their business. It doesn't mean it has to become stricter necessarily, it just means they can do what they want instead of what Merkel/Juncker/Shultz wants. I'm sure this refugee quota after Germany opened its doors to everyone (and then decided to put up the rest of the EU with the problem they created) may have been a factor in the vote, but absolutely not as significant as msm tries to make it seem.
  10. But what stops the UK from making such deals now? It's totally up to them to do what's in their best interest and if that means giving in a little bit to keep business on the isles, good for them. I'm advocating a Nexit myself, so I'm curious to see how it goes now that we have one practical example on the map. Even within the EU tax deals are made on a national basis to attract large corporations to have their European headquarters put here instead of somewhere else. I doubt leaving the EU would change any of that.
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    It stops them because they lost their negotiating power against the EU, they are outsiders now. They start from square 1. Switzerland has been doing that for decades and the UK is not even on its 1st day. These deals take years, decades. The entire growth of the UK came from American and other companies using it as a gateway for investment and trade in the EU. It will no longer be so and that key is lost. JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Google, Amazon and other relatively high paying employers may very well have to relocate and IMO the Netherlands and Luxembourg are excellent candidates. I'm working in one of these American companies and have the benefit of more insight of how such things may change.

    Don't shoot yourself in the foot regarding Nexit (that's how I see it). It will be a tragedy if EU dismantles and will create a lot of uncertainty in the continent. It's absolutely critical for the EU that we stay united and time to start reorganizing (caring, not just criticising/insulting) our Union. For starters, I would like to see the EU to suddenly remove some of its financial regulations (become more british). It will be very good news IMO.
  12. That's the first clip I've seen of John Oliver's show, and wow that guy is amazing and hilarious!

    I was quite surprised how many parallels there appears to be between British politics and the US. Aside from us only having two viable political parties.
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    John Oliver is very annoying to watch. Why does America only have foreign presenters these days?
  14. no one but leftist cucks under the age of 20 watch jon oliver
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  15. Be glad we aren't retiring tomorrow.
  16. I think culturally they've always been outsiders, but anyway, those are EFTA/EEA matters, rather than EU. The latter mostly takes care of, well, you tell me. But as you're in the financial sector, you'd know the EU isn't as unified as a federation (USA, Russia) could be with each country having their own exempts, exceptions and laws still. And while it may be critical to the EU to stay united and caring about themselves and they have msm and national governments (promotion to EU govt) on their hands, there are still ~500 mil. people that actually make the money for this grotesque machine that think differently about this process.

    As for the other paragraph, I'd gladly pay even more tax (if that's what's required to counter the loss of revenue) if that means more national freedom
  17. you cant be this stupid
  18. its a loop, you just need to retire at the right time (that you can't predict)
    so its a fucking lottery indeed
  19. john oliver, that guy who drives celebrities in a car while singing songs, south african dude presenting the daily show etc. etc.
  20. That South African guy is the most annoying ever.. It's like Jon took his joke writers with him when he left, there's nothing left of the Daily Show whatsoever and it just became a liberal moaning show instead of a liberal moaning show with a real personality.
  21. Not at all EFTA/EEA matters. It's up to the EU to determine the conditions now if Britain wants to trade with us. They're out and they have no deals, it's like dealing with Western Samoa or sth. We ought to coordinate ourselves and France or Netherlands (or the EU as whole) can adopt laws literally overnight and these companies will have no choice but to come over and create jobs and wealth. You really need to rethink and keep an open mind on this Moo. It's a great opportunity for us "Continentals" - as Brits like to call us. They voluntarilly voted to give away their jobs to the Dutch, French etc and get their country divided or even torn apart.

    Easy to say now that you'd gladly pay more taxes over a forum discussion. If u end up being through a serious economic crisis, jobless and get bossed around by Russia for example, how free would that be? It's really time to just for little bit give some space to rethink, reconsider. Just as an exercise. National interests have materially changed. Whatever I say to you, the same thing applies to Georges and whoever "continental" wants to leave the EU.

    Things have changed and the nationalist/separatist parties no longer represent an EU country's best interests (if they ever did) but only politicians' careers built around euroscepticism.
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  22. I literally can't stand any american talk show because of all the shouting and the audience clapping and yelling for no reason whatsoever, but yeah the south american dude is only ripping on donald trump. that's it. it's not even funny.

    Why do i even bother with American talk shows.

    Why do i even bother with talk shows.

    Why do i even bother


  23. this is the only good bit ever in american talk show history. because it's so spot on.

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