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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by StingrayZ07, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Ok heres a quick puzzle for you guys. I was tyring to figure it out, but i couldnt. You have a small town, With 7 bridges. You can start at any point on the map except for in the middle of a bridge. How can you start at a point, cross all 7 bridges, and return at the same spot, WITHOUT crossing a same bridge twice.
  2. Seeing how there's an odd number of bridges connecting to each part of land, it would be impossible.
  3. You're wrong. NB solved it.
  4. Lame. Give us a puzzle that works damn it!
  5. Gibbs Aquada.
  6. That's one I had on my last year of primary school, it's the Vertex Degree thingie right?
  7. It can't be done.
  8. No, it's still impossible to cross all seven bridges and return to the same spot without crossing a single bridge twice.
  9. It's possible. 2 ways.
  10. wtf? one of two things are going on, either you dont read any post but the ones that are good for hating on or youre defying what is obviously a joke answer NB had so you can show off that you know even and odd numbers.

    edit: you edited you post to fast.
  11. Prove it.
  12. After NB changed his avatar, I hadn't realized he had posted a joke. Give it up already.
  13. check PM.
  14. Check PM.
  15. Check PM.
  16. It's called The the Bridges of Konigsberg you uneducated bafoons. To make a long story short this problem was first solved by the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler.

    LJFS, you're a dumbass, but I knew that after the diesel thread.

  17. I'm still waiting for your replies over there by the way.

    Can you prove it? I still haven't seen it done.
  18. I PM'ed him that
  19. I'm sorry, I have a life out side of and opted to go to dinner with friends rather than argue with dumbass Euro-fanboys over overpriced and over rated cars.

    I’m still waiting on you to find me a diesel engine that can make it’s peak torque at 0 rpms.

    Or explain how the 170lbs of torque produced by the VW TDI is better than the 295lbs of torque of the Toyota hybrid.
  20. No, you're the dumbass. Euler proved exactly why it was impossible, not why it was possible.
  21. Yeah, right, it would take 3 seconds to do. You spent more time on this post than you would have proving it. Shut up when you're wrong already.
  22. Arguing with you is pointless. You jsut keep rehashing the same invalid points over and over again.

    FACT: Hyrbids gets better gas miliage than diesel engine
    FACT: Electric engines produce more torque than diesel engines

    What is left for you to argue? That some $50,000 Benz can get better miliage than it's gas counter part but $20,000 diesel VWs can't get better gas miliage than similarly sized and priced hybrids.
  23. I never said a diesel engine could make its peak at zero RPM. Why would I want to prove a point I never made?

    I said desiels made more torque than a civic hybrid. I never said anything about a prius.

    It's easy to prove people wrong when you answer questions or prove things wrong that they never said.

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