British supercar brand makes a double debut

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by the HitMan, May 22, 2008.

  1. Looks cheap.
  2. lol, ive re sparked an old debate here. but ya, i think someone shud call these guys and record the convo.
  3. i cant believe theyre really putting that rear end on it...
  4. whats their phone number?
  5. 01942 321580
  6. "Keating hopes to rekindle the British performance auto industry"

    Mclaren, Ascari, Caparo, Gumpert, Aston Martin, Lotus, Jaguar, Caterham, Radical, Westfeild, Bentley, TVR, Ultima, Morgan, Marcos, Noble, Prodrive,

    I didnt know it needed rekindling. Im also struggling to see how any part of this car is british. Gotta be some sort of prank.
  7. Gumpert ??? LOL
  8. Lol same!!! When I first heard about the Brabus TKR I got pissed. I hate it when they claim 0-60 in 1.67 seconds. No traction. And 270 mph? I´ll believe it when I see it.

    I really hope Top Gear drives the 1500 hp version! Who knows, it´s light and powerful. Maybe it won´t be so bad.

    But does it have to be so ugly?
  10. EVO actually drove this thing. You should read the article.
  11. LOL WTF???


    I guess it will never come out...

    British-patriotic-blablabla-ish?? Filipino bodywork expertise, american engine, italian frame and chassis building... What's british, BTW?? Design?? LOL AGAIN!!

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