Brought home a Volt

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  1. driving quietly into the future. :lol: Teaching me how to drive a whole new way. So far tested out Normal, Sport, and Hold modes. Sport's pretty fun, but it looks like it'll use up the battery power pretty fast. In hold mode, it maintains the charge and lets the gas engine run. Pretty weird hearing the gas engine do different things depending on it's need, not what your throttle foot is doing...

    Didn't buy the car to save money, really, though it costs the same as the Mustang did for the monthly note, yet uses vastly less fuel. If I wanted to save money, $1k beater and drive the wheels off it would suffice. No, bought it for the techyness of driving an electric car that can double as a long distance driver. And it's just fun in it's own way.
  2. White one with body color panels
  3. in the snow this morning
  4. Savages. Victim of a hit and run.
  5. got it fixed.

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  8. posting again.

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  9. Sold it way back when, bought it back. Such a great commute car, and only cost me $8k this time around. Volt09.jpg voltplug01.jpg
  10. Bought a Bolt this past weekend. Now we have the Volt and a Bolt. Seriously getting into this EV thing. Bolt03.jpg Bolt04.jpg Bolt02.jpg
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  11. I like that people still post in their premium forums.

    You should join General Chat again since there's so few of us. 99.9% of new posts go in there these days
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  12. I would be very interested to know what your thoughts on the volt bolt are having owned them longer term
  13. I love both of them. The Volt is more comfy and a better long distance car, and the Bolt is more of a traditional hot hatch as it's much quicker and handles better. I've customized the Volt now to make it a bit more personal. Added the one thing that these cars desperately need IMO, and that's the Webasto power sunroof.


    It's been a very reliable car, while remaining fairly fun to drive.

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